video production

Bring your story to life

it's not just video, it’s storytelling

The secret to a great video is the feeling you’re left with when it ends. At Candybox, we craft entertaining, long-lasting videos to motivate your audience to take action. It’s our job to make video production easy for you and your business. 

brand stories
There are thousands of stories waiting to be told - yours is one of them. By evoking emotional interest with your audience, we’ll convey your brand’s personality and bring your story to life!
product video and advertising
Even products and services have a story to tell! Our team of in-studio experts will highlight your products and services in creative ways that inspire customers to take action.
creative media integration
Build credibility and trust with your audience and boost your organic search rankings. We’ll create informative and educational videos to spotlight your business’s product and service offerings.

the process


Like any good relationship, we start by getting to know one another and learning about your business. Together we set goals and find opportunities you may not have explored. Our team is your team.

concept development

With a clear set of goals in mind, we develop creative strategies to map out our production. This is where our ideas begin to take their shape.


Time to roll up our sleeves and take a look at the logistics of our creative process. Here we schedule, scout and cast talent, establish what equipment is needed, storyboard, and plan everything we possibly can before we GO!


From large-scale sets to arriving on-location with a camera, we begin capturing the spirit of your business. All our planning and preparation executes in this phase.


Through collaboration and feedback, we craft your story.  We find your voice and create that emotional connection with your audience. Excellence is in the details. The culmination of our efforts reaches the creative pinnacle in this final stage of production.

launch, deliver, distribute

Our video production journey is complete! But that’s not the end of your story. Where your video lives and how it captures your audience online are equally as important. We work with our internal departments to get your video seen by your target audiences.

“I put something that is so precious, so important, so special to us in your hands and I feel like it’s being taken care of.”

“Very responsive, incredibly detailed, and best of all you help to deliver actionable results for our franchisees!”

“You have some of the most creative ideas. Your focus is on the customer and ensuring the leads roll in.”

trust us, we're experts

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