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the challenge

Custom Fireplace Design (CF + D) is the premier destination for quality, custom fireplaces for over 30 years. They create fireplaces for homeowners and businesses in Canada and the United States. While CF + D is a company dedicated to quality, creativity, and innovation they felt that their previous website wasn’t doing a good enough job of portraying that image. Custom Fireplace Design wanted a website that would showcase their premium craftsmanship and inspire more customers to reach out for custom fireplace builds.

our process

step 1

Our process began with a brand exercise to understand Custom Fireplace Design’s identity. The client wanted to position themselves as a premium company so Candybox identified the opportunity to promote CF + D fireplaces as art pieces or decor, not just a fireplace. We recognized that the website would have to spotlight the beauty and detail that went into crafting each fireplace which is where we enlisted the help of our video production team.

step 2

Custom Fireplace Design’s old website lacked visual appeal with small pictures that did not do the product’s justice. In order to spotlight the beauty of CF + D’s fireplaces, Candybox created videos that told the story of the company and showed the process of creating a custom fireplace to incorporate into the website design. Similar to videos produced by luxury fashion houses, we captured each step Custom Fireplace Design artisans took to create their products – from sketching on paper, to 3D modelling online, to welding and constructing the fireplace by hand. Candybox’s in-house departments worked closely together to ensure that the videos matched the look and feel of the website and that dimensions fit perfectly.

step 3

Custom Fireplace Design offered vapour fireplaces using vapour-fire technology. These fireplaces provided the same cozy feeling of a traditional fireplace without emitting heat. The company felt that such an innovative product was not being given the attention it should. To resolve this, Candybox restructured the website’s information architecture, creating three product categories: vapour, vita, and custom fireplaces. All products had their own page to truly highlight their features and functionality. 

To make product information easier to find, we created a custom, interactive photo gallery where users could filter the photos by fireplace category and click on each photo for more product information.

step 4

To help Custom Fireplace Design gather more leads, we created separate pages to target their main clients: designers, builders, and architects. Each page contained information that was relevant to that particular client and outlined the reasons why Custom Fireplace Design is the ideal choice for premium, beautiful fireplaces.

the solution

Custom Fireplace Design’s new website is beautiful, functional, and full of visuals that attract attention. The information and content is carefully thought out to match the needs of CF + D’s target audiences. With the help of Candybox, Custom Fireplace Design has generated over 435 new leads for their custom fireplaces!

merging branding with website design.

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