AtlasCare's complete digital revival

the challenge

In today’s world, a business’s digital presence has the ability to separate a good company from a great one by showcasing customer service, brand identity and company culture.

This was especially important for AtlasCare, a family-owned and operated HVAC and plumbing company that has been servicing the Greater Toronto Area since 1932. AtlasCare sought to establish a strong online presence that highlighted their competitive advantage and tight-knit culture while also generating new qualified leads.

our process

step 1

In order to achieve a cohesive vision, we began by pinpointing AtlasCare’s brand positioning. We identified their voice as caring, passionate, but also timely. Given the nature of jobs in the plumbing and HVAC industry, we knew that urgency had to be part of their brand which is also reflected in their tagline “always there when you need us”. By understanding AtlasCare’s value proposition we were able to come up with a cohesive strategy to move forward with.

step 2

Working with the limitations of the lockdown, Candybox created a series of heartfelt videos that showcased the story of AtlasCare and what made them so unique. By focusing on the people and the relationships built, we were able to turn a seemingly mundane service into compelling stories that resonated with customers.

step 3

In order to properly showcase the people and culture of AtlasCare, we organized a photoshoot to capture new assets for their custom website. What used to be generic stock photos were replaced with authentic images of the team, allowing customers to put a face to a name and create stronger connections with AtlasCare.

step 4

User experience was at the forefront of our web design as we created a site that would appeal to customers, but would also be easy for the AtlasCare team to modify as their company grew. This evergreen system included a banner on the homepage which allowed AtlasCare to promote new deals seamlessly, even without the help of a developer. We also ensured that the new site was clean and modern, but also AODA compliant, making it accessible for all users.

step 5

Candybox recognized that AtlasCare’s emergency HVAC/plumbing services were being neglected and created additional pages to highlight this service offering. We also developed conversion-optimized landing pages for each service AtlasCare offered. Each landing page offered information catered to each customer and their unique stage of the buyer’s journey. This was part of a larger effort to create a campaign-friendly website that would maximize the return on investment from paid media campaigns.

step 6

From the paid media campaigns side, Candybox launched ads that were segmented by each service AtlasCare offered. By targeting people looking for specific services, we were able to deliver timely and relevant ads with excellent conversion rates. As an added method to secure leads, we developed remarketing campaigns that targeted customers who had previously interacted with the AtlasCare brand. This paired with brand awareness campaigns across social media platforms helped to push AtlasCare to the front of mind for HVAC and plumbing services in the GTA.

step 7

Now that AtlasCare had a new, beautiful website, we wanted to make sure that it was easy for potential customers to find. This is where content marketing came into play. In addition to optimizing the copy on the website, Candybox composed a collection of original articles for the AtlasCare blog. By adding a blog section to the site, we were able to include high quality content to further improve search engine optimization, leading to higher ranks on search engines like Google. And more exposure, leads to more customers!

the solution

By combining strategy with creativity, Candybox developed an entirely new digital presence for AtlasCare. We refined their existing brand to better reflect their values before utilizing the updated identity throughout all services. 

With a focus on growth and usability, Candybox created a new custom website that worked in harmony with paid media campaigns to capture new customers. We improved brand awareness and promoted AtlasCare’s culture and exceptional service through videography, social media, and content marketing efforts. After working with Candybox Marketing, AtlasCare tripled their revenue and were later acquired thanks to their new found success.

merging branding with website design.

Before Candybox | After Candybox

proven results

increase in conversions
increase in click through rate

“You have some of the most creative ideas. Your focus is on the customer and ensuring the leads roll in.”

Melinda | Marketing