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we are innovation culture friendship Candybox Marketing

we're the sweetest marketers in Canada.

As Canada’s premier digital marketing agency, we believe in marketing that works. Our incredible team of 30+ in-house experts drive results to help you grow your business.


our values

make online advertising sweet

We produce digital marketing eye candy. Our work encourages audiences to take action online, and we think that’s pretty sweet!

conversion focused

Candyboxers grow businesses across Canada using our digital marketing knowledge to drive real, measurable results.

user experience driven

We craft compelling online advertising, from start to finish, for every user that interacts with our work.

life at candybox

We asked our Candyboxers about their experience with our team. Click the video to learn what it’s like working with us!

award-winning team

Candybox is the perfect package of sweet, smart, and savvy.

our team

  • We’d like to introduce you to our family of innovative, creative, amazing people. We dream big, work hard and never stop reaching for the stars.

  • Darrell
    Founder / CEO
  • Derek
  • Mahfuz
    Senior Brand Manager
  • Ryan
    Senior Project Manager
  • Tony
    Senior Web Developer
  • Aaron
    Senior Web Developer
  • Michael
    Digital Designer
  • Joel
    Senior Video Production Manager
  • Cindy
    HR Coordinator
  • Jim
    Account Manager
  • Liam
    Senior Campaign Manager
  • Kiefer
    Senior Social Media Manager
  • Vanessa
    Social Media Manager
  • Robson
    Video Production Manager
  • Alberto
    Production Designer
  • Rita
    Senior Digital Design Coordinator
  • Rob
    Digital Design Coordinator
  • Amy
    Content Manager
  • Heather
    Campaign Coordinator
  • Zach
    Assistant Videographer
  • Laura
    Brand Coordinator
  • Rebecca
    Accounts Receivable Administrator
  • Parker
    Senior Campaign Manager
  • Elizabeth
    Social Media Coordinator
  • Michelle
    Social Media Manager
  • Devin
    Campaign Manager
  • Diane
    Campaign Coordinator
  • Ryanne
    Digital Design Coordinator
  • Anderson
    Senior Brand Designer
  • Arthur
    Campaign Manager
  • Abigail
  • Gentrit
    Digital Design Coordinator
  • Lauren
    Accounts Receivable Administrator
  • Gary
    Senior Campaign Manager
  • Amal
    Campaign Manager