Turtle Jack's fostering engaged communities

the challenge

Turtle Jack’s Muskoka Grill is a chain of cottage-inspired restaurants offering a premium-casual dining experience with franchises all over southern Ontario. Due to the restaurant restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Turtle Jacks struggled to bring customers through their doors. They wanted to build an engaged online community that would also translate to more customers at their restaurants. 

our process

step 1

After conducting extensive research on trends in the restaurant industry, Candybox developed a multi-layered social media strategy to spark engagement and set Turtle Jack’s up for long-term success. We created content calendars, planning posts out months in advance. This allowed us to coordinate photoshoots for various campaigns and take advantage of relevant holidays and special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Mother’s/Father’s Day.


step 2

In terms of content, we decided to focus on Turtle Jack’s food offerings along with images of cottage life. Thanks to our long-term planning, we were also able to accommodate for last-minute posts regarding restaurant restrictions. This included announcing patio/restaurant reopenings and promoting new offerings like take-home food kits. 


step 3

Candybox scheduled monthly photoshoots with Turtle Jack’s to capture new menu items. We made sure that all photos had a consistent look that was in line with Turtle Jack’s family-oriented, cottage-like feel. Meticulous attention was paid to every shot, ensuring that every aspect of the food looked picture perfect. Candybox not only photographed the delicious food, we also captured authentic moments between Turtle Jack’s staff and customers to build a sense of community online.


step 4

Candybox executed multiple social media campaigns to spark engagement. We partnered with brand ambassadors and used influencer marketing to increase exposure for Turtle Jack’s restaurants. We also hosted multiple giveaways, asking participants to share our posts to their stories and tag friends to maximize engagement and exposure.


the solution

Candybox Marketing revamped Turtle Jack’s social media presence and created an engaged community of followers. Through the implementation of a new social media strategy, giveaways, and partnerships, we increased Turtle Jack’s Instagram engagement by 5% and pushed the restaurant to customers’ front of mind for delicious eats.

proven results

increase in reach on Instagram
increase in impressions on Instagram
increase in engagement rate on Instagram