Hand & Stone driving leads and expansion

the challenge

Hand & Stone is a massage and facial spa with over 30 locations across Canada. They are dedicated to helping clients improve their well-being and feel rejuvenated through their affordable luxury spa services. Hand & Stone wanted to gain more qualified leads and stay top of mind as the number one choice for stress relief and pampering. 

our process

step 1

With 28 locations across Canada, we recognized that each Hand & Stone franchise needed its own dedicated campaign strategy. We began by identifying and refining Hand & Stone’s target demographics, women from the ages of 40-50 with disposable income. Candybox also utilized strategic geo-targeting, showing ads to residents within a specific distance from Hand & Stone locations to maximize conversions.


step 2

Our next step was segmenting our paid media campaigns by franchise, then further segmenting by service. Candybox launched multiple campaigns to promote each service category offered by Hand & Stone. From massages and facials to hair removal. 

For each category, we further refined the campaigns to target people looking for specific services within the category. We ran paid campaigns for the “massage” category but also targeted people searching for specific types of massages such as hot stone massage, couples massage, sports massage etc. 


step 3

Since every Hand & Stone location offered different services, we had to create unique messaging to tend to each location. In order to maintain consistency, we highlighted Hand & Stone’s value proposition, passionate professionals who use simple, natural processes. Our campaigns also focused on personal care, promoting Hand & Stone as an affordable yet luxurious option to take time out of your busy schedule to pamper yourself.


the solution

Hand & Stone saw great success with their strategy-driven paid media campaigns on Facebook and Google ads. With tailored ads for each location and service, Hand & Stone captured over 173,540 total conversions since they began working with Candybox Marketing in 2014.

total conversions
clicks on Google
new website visitors

“Very responsive, incredibly detailed, and best of all you help to deliver actionable results for our franchisees!”

Anita | Manager