How User Experience Gives Value To Digital Marketing

These days UX is critical to the success of both mobile applications and websites. With a lack of user experience, potential leads may withdrawal before you’re able to even show them how great your brand, products and services are. Today’s customers are savvy, sharp and time-starved, they want their wishes delivered in an instant. Whether someone is in the office, at a restaurant, or waiting in line they desire to have access to the internet for a variety of reasons; search information, scroll on social media, communicate with friends and family. All these online functions have one thing in common which is the quality of user experience. When businesses are developing and executing their digital marketing strategy UX is often an overlooked subject, when in fact it is one of the most important pieces to the success of your business. 



 Drives Customer Loyalty

By developing a trust bond between your customers and your brand you secure and design a relationship. Most bonds are built through face-to-face interactions but with today’s technological advancement people are interacting with brands online more and more.  Users have come to expect customization as standard, meaning that if they do not receive it they are likely to turn their face. Customer loyalty happens gradually with consistent customer and brand interactions that are positive, engaging and rewarding. The only formula to do this is through user experience. The more you integrate UX in your digital marketing strategy the more you will see a repeat of loyal customers develop and thus resulting in a successful business path.  

Provides Many Research Approaches

User experience is a research-focused practice. It focuses on discovering and understanding the needs of customers which can be solved with well-designed products or services. The use of many research approaches ensures that the product or service is easily discoverable and able to generate real human value for customers so that your business can create commercial value. Digital marketing on its own does perform in many ways when it comes to research. Marketing focuses more on sharing the value of an already known product or service. Combining both UX and digital marketing can help your business lead promotion and sales more than any other strategy.  

Improves Search Engine Optimization

A superb user experience can contribute to visibility in searches made by potential customers. When a webpage has a good UX the user is encouraged to explore through your content, reducing the bounce rate of your website. Google search engine results page takes into consideration your site’s customer experience, a low bounce rate gives Google an indication that your content fulfils and is informative to users. SEO targets search engines while UX targets visitors to your website. These two marketing techniques share a common goal to provide users with a memorable experience. 



User experience is all about trying to fill a user’s needs. Digital marketing without user experience will not set up a good foundation for your company’s design strategy. If the user end of your site is not clearly thought out, defined or personalized, it could result in the loss of purpose, site visitors and ultimately sales. Marketers are constantly working to shape their marketing strategy around the ever change UX process, to advantageously serve customers. 



Now that you’ve learned the importance of user experience for your business, try implementing it into your digital marketing strategy. You won’t be disappointed! 

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