Three Tips For Creating Shareable Content On Social Media

When we talk about shareable content we don’t mean you have a “share” button on your posts or the overall ability for users to share your post. We use the term shareable content to talk about whether or not viewers have the desire to share your content with others. For example, let’s say you make a social media post about how your company is recognized by Great Place to Work Institute. Someone sees that post, thinks it’s fascinating and shares it to their Instagram story. Now all their followers know your social media post and company exists, view it and share it with all their followers, creating more and more brand exposure.

Brand Exposure is something very important, it is the first step in the social media marketing process and provides a foundation for acquiring loyal customers. By creating engaging content you provide your audience with the opportunity to see, find and share your content. Meaning that you have the potential to build awareness for your brand, through your social media content being passed around. 




1. Include Useful Information

A great strategy to use when sharing content on social media is investing your resources in useful and educational content. When your social media content adds value to your audience, it will also add value to your organization, that is when people are more inclined to share your social media posts.

Figure out what question your audience is asking as well as what they want to learn about. Once you have that information you will have a better understanding of what to post. The way this can be done is through social listening, analyzing people in your audience and taking note of the questions they ask and content they post related to your industry.

Another way to gather information is by asking questions through polls or hosting q&a sessions on different social platforms. Posting useful and educational content that is relevant to your audience will help to establish your business as a thought leader and will provoke people to want to share the social media content you put out. 

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2. Have a Strong Social Media Marketing Strategy

Having a strong social media marketing strategy is important in today’s day and age. It is crucial to have content that grabs a reader within the first couple seconds of them viewing it, this means that the content must be appealing and relatable. On top of that, it must be short and sweet so that the reader’s attention does not wander.

You want to build your brand identity, something that will make your company stand out and be known. For example, if a person sees your post they should be able to identify your brand from the colours and voice used. When the audience can resonate with your brand it is more likely for them to share your content with their family and friends, when your brand identity is clear the next person viewing your social media content will likely recognize your company.

Not only does having a smart social media marketing strategy automatically create shareable content, but it also helps to boost your brand exposure and generates leads for your sales.  


3. Always Include A Call to Action

A call to action is the finishing touch on social media content. A strong call to action can work wonders for your social media posts. The CTA can increase leads, drive visitors to your website, and result in the purchase of a product or service. When using a call to action you want to make sure youare getting the most of out it.

It is important to make sure the language you use is clear and motivates the reader to take a specific action. After your audience has read or even lightly scanned your social media content, they could be on the fence about the next steps they should take, your call to action can be that small push in the right direction.

It is as simple as adding a note at the end of your content saying something like “share this post!!” This encourages your audience to interact with your brand and pass your social media content forward.

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Creating sharable content takes time and effort but following the tips listed above is an excellent start. By using them, you can create entertaining, engaging social media content that will help you achieve your goals. Shareable content is relevant and prompt to a specific target audience with your social media marketing strategy in mind. 


Now that you have learned how to create shared content on social media, try it out for yourself. If you need some assistance, contact us and our social media team will be happy to help!


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