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Kristina Waters Oct 30 2017
1 Year of Snapchatting

Aside from our actual relationships, this is the most dedicated relationship we’ve ever been in. 365 days straight of Snapchatting.  Whats the […]

Michael Sotnick Oct 13 2017
4 Motivational Books for Success

Asides from the literature I was forced to read in high school, I was never really one to pick up a book […]

MC Oct 13 2017
A Letter to Millennial Marketers

Dear Millennial Marketers, I have been reading your blog posts and private messages about how overwhelming it is to break into the […]

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Michael Sotnick Sep 29 2017
4 Tips for Enhancing Your Project Management Skills

Via Shutterstock In order for a company to succeed in the market, managers have to work efficiently and effectively in order to […]

MC Sep 19 2017
Audio-Blog: Why Most Businesses Fail In Their Content Strategy (Interview with Heather From)

Click on the ‘play’ button below to listen to the audio-blog! (Transcript) MC: Hey guys, MC from Candybox marketing here. I’m super […]

Kristina Waters Aug 15 2017
Why Businesses Need Google My Business

If you read the title and thought “I have no idea what Google My Business is” you’re in the right spot! Google […]

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Victoria Gole Aug 14 2017
Social-Proof? What Does it Really Mean?

Marketing your business can be difficult to do, especially when it seems that there is a new platform or a new update […]

Kristina Waters Jul 26 2017
Case Study: Facebook Advertising on Advertisers

As Campaign Managers, we are constantly noticing the ads that we are being shown on social media. We also tend to question why […]

Kristina Waters Jul 18 2017
Why You Can’t Target “Millennials”

Campaign Manager: “Whose your target audience?” Client: “Millennials” Campaign Manager: *blinks* blank stare *blinks* We hear it time and time again, businesses […]

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