Webinar Recap: How To Increase Customer’s Lifetime Value by Darrell Keezer

We all know the thrill of acquiring new customers, but what if we told you that the real treasure lies within your existing customer base? That’s right – it’s time to unlock the untapped potential, boost your revenue, and build lasting relationships with your business partners. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy a tips-filled webinar where Darrell Keezer, CEO of Candybox Marketing, uncovers the secrets to maximizing your customers’ lifetime value!

Psst – there’s a HUGE freebie at the end, so be sure to watch until the very last minute!

Here’s a quick overview of this webinar:

[1:40-3:36]: Overview of the webinar’s agenda

[3:37-5:05]: What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?

[10:20-18:53]: A case study of how a great customer journey can help retain clients and generate more growth through successful upselling

[18:54-24:21]: Tips on how to visualize CLV

[26:32-28:54]: Identifying key milestones in your customers’ journey so you can add timely value and capture more leads

[31:00-33:00]: Questions you need to have answers to in order to maximize your CLV

[33:01-37:03]: Why choose low-tech marketing?

[37:04]: An example of an effective low-tech marketing campaign

[38:30-45:35]: Why using marketing automation tools can help you automate a lot of heavy-lifting tasks and skyrocket the number of deals you close

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