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Darrell Keezer - Founder of Candybox Marketing

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He’s humorous, but doesn’t fancy himself a comic. He’s a tech whiz, but won’t stand before you speaking in code. Darrell’s a digital marketing expert, but he won’t geek out with his talk or freak out the execs in the audience that simply want to sell more stuff.

Darrell’s mission is to give you a healthy dose of disruption—to challenge the audience he stands before with today’s most provocative digital marketing ideas. He’ll make it real. He’ll dig into how Tesla generated over $12 billion in car sales in a single week. He’ll explain why his fellow Canadians now boycott Heinz ketchup and hoard bottles of French’s.

Digital marketing has leveled the playing field in every conceivable way. It’s vital to understand the new rules of engagement. Darrell will do you the honor.

He’ll delve into the mechanics of successful marketing campaigns and strategies and unravel how innovations in digital empower businesses to generate leads and build relationships online. He’ll share real examples of how today’s most progressive companies move the needle with digital marketing.

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Business Excellence Award for Private Businesses
2017 Canadian Business Excellence Award


Entrepreneur of the Year
2016 CAMP Marketing Awards

Young Entrepreneur of the Year
2016 MBOT Business Awards of Excellence

Common Keynote Topics

Seriously Disruptive Digital Marketing Methods

Everything You Know About Millennials is Wrong

37 Ways Your Website Has Died (and How to Resurrect it)

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Calgary- October 17th

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Edmonton- October 18th

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Winnipeg- October 19th

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London- October 31st

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Conference Board of Canada
Microsoft CRM - Challenge & Change
Young Entreprenuers Conference
Startup Weekend Toronto
Sheridan College Convocation
Social Media Game Changer Conference
U of Lethbridge
Electro Federation Conference

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Audience testimonials

Sean Wise

I recently shared the stage with Darrell Keezer; and I was blown away. In under an hour, Darrell delivered valuable insights and relevant content and did so in a manner that was engaging, thought provoking and entertaining. Most importantly, his advice is both practical and actionable. This guy is awesome.

Dr. Sean Wise | BA LLB MBA PhD

- Associate Prof. of Entrepreneurship, Ryerson University
- Online host and industry advisor for Dragons' Den.
- Host & Executive Producer of The Naked Entrepreneur

Reid Hemsing

Darrell Keezer is the Tony Robbins of social media marketing! I have heard several people speak about digital marketing strategies for 2016, but Darrell is ahead of the pack by far. Make sure you drink a red bull before listening to this guy! You won’t want to miss a moment of it.

Reid Hemsing, President @ Two Wheel Gear

Rob Triggs

Darrell and his team are responsible for driving a 600% increase over our old digital presence. What is presented in Darrell's talks is our new reality.

Rob Triggs, VP Sales & Marketing -

William Holmes

Darrell provides rich insights into the industry, along with real experiences and solutions in a way that is engaging and applicable for all audiences. His message is both entertaining and relevant, allowing all attendees to understand and implement his teachings in their own work.

Dr. William R. Holmes, DBA, CPA, CMA, CGA, CHRL, Vice Provost - Sheridan College

Dallas Collins

Darrell is an energetic, authentic speaker who shared his expertise while engaging the whole room! I recommend him for a variety of topics!

Dallas Collins, Conference Producer - Advanced Learning Institute

Doug Greenwood

Darrell is an energetic, authentic speaker who shared his expertise while engaging the whole room! I recommend him for a variety of topics!

Doug Greenwood, Conference Producer - , BA, MBA - Sheridan College

John Jefkins

With our conference theme "Being Relevant in this Transformational Age" focused on engaging and developing young talent, Darrell hit the mark with his lively presentation and informative content. Darrell is an outstanding speaker and has the ability to deliver a message synchronized with our theme.

John Jefkins, Vice President, Marketing & Communications - Electro-Federation Canada

Lola Thake

Each time Darrell speaks for us, he "wows" the audience and leaves them wanting more. The one thing Darrell and I disagree on is how much paper should be on a person's desk. My answer is "tons" and his answer is "none".

Lola Thake, Director of Education - IBAO

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