Electra Form Industries' quiet confidence

the challenge

Located in Ohio, USA, Electra Form Industries (EFI) is the leading provider of PET Preforms. With over 40+ years of experience, EFI’s in-house team specializes in all things preforms, from manufacturing to design/prototyping and production. As an industry leader, EFI wanted their digital presence to portray a quiet confidence. They were also looking to showcase their innovation and commitment to sustainability. 

our process

step 1

The first step to EFI’s digital transformation was a complete rebrand. As a company founded in 1978, Electra Form Industries was looking to modernize their outdated branding. 

After conducting a brand exercise, these are the insights Candybox was able to extract. As a B2B business, EFI wanted to emphasize partnership and portray themselves as empathetic and trustworthy. They also wanted to highlight their knowledge and expertise, without coming across as intimidating. 


step 2

Based on the requirements, Candybox got to work and presented EFI with a variety of branding. With so many quality concepts to choose from, the client struggled to come to a decision. This is where the marketing expertise of Candybox came in. We were able to work with the client, understand their needs, and provide them with guidance to make the best decision for their company. 

While the original logo was supposed to be purple, our branding experts suggested green based on colour psychology. Green is perceived as nurturing, fresh, and innovative – the exact qualities EFI embodies. Green is also the perfect choice for EFI’s long term vision of sustainability.


step 3

The logo we designed for EFI is inspired by the tools used to manufacture preforms. While the average consumer might not notice the inspiration, the concept was easily identified by EFI’s staff and other companies in the preform industry. The three lines of logo represent the pillars of Electra Form Industries: the company, their process, and their customers. 


step 4

With a new brand in place, our next step was capturing video content to promote EFI’s story and to use on the custom website. Explaining what they do was one of the biggest challenges Electra Form Industries faced which is why Candybox proposed a brand story video as a creative solution.

As one of the biggest employers in Vandalia, Ohio, Electra Form Industries is a cornerstone of their Midwestern community. Because of this, Candybox wanted to focus on the community, services, and people at EFI for the brand story video.


step 5

Our video production team created a comprehensive storyboard detailing each shot along with an interview guide. We hand-selected a local video crew in Vandalia, Ohio to take on filming. Candybox provided guidance every step of the way and collaborated with the local crew to capture high quality, authentic footage. 

Thanks to our carefully crafted discussion guide, we were able to draw out meaningful stories from the EFI team. The real magic lies in post-production where our video experts find the story and piece it together in an impactful way to showcase the vibrant culture and people of EFI.


step 6

User experience is at the forefront of EFI’s new custom website. The Candybox team combined usability along with aesthetics to create a website that is not only beautiful but functional. 

With every website, we begin by understanding the goals of the client. For EFI, their goal was to have a website that showed their quiet confidence and expertise. With this in mind, we restructured the information architecture of the site, in order to make information more accessible. Candybox custom sites are always designed with the end consumer in mind, so we wanted to ensure that whoever was browsing through EFI’s site could easily find the information they were looking for


step 7

Given that EFI wanted to modernize their look, we pulled inspiration from tech companies. A design trend for tech company websites is text-focused heroes, something we implemented on EFI’s homepage. The aesthetic of the site is minimalistic yet warm with subtle animations to create a calm and confident feel.

Candybox ensured that EFI’s custom site invoked specific emotions that reflected their brand through the design, images, and copy. With all the elements coming together, EFI’s custom site is conversion ready!


the solution

Electra Form Industries is one of ten companies under parent company, Wentworth Technologies. Wentworth Technologies trusted Candybox Marketing to tell the story of EFI and to portray the company as an industry leader. We were able to achieve this through a rebrand of the company which we carried over into the custom website design. To capture the essence of EFI as a company and their people, we created videos to connect with their audiences. 

Given the stellar outcome of EFI’s digital transformation, but also the collaborative process, Wentworth Technologies is trusting Candybox with a complete digital transformation for yet another one of their companies: Monarch Group.

merging branding with website design.

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