Dear Business Owner, Your Website SUCKS


This week, I turned away from making a very large purchase simply due to a terrible experience that I had with a website. I won’t point fingers but you know who you are, Mr S.!

Although most of my posts are created as a result of inspiration, I felt like this one was mandatory due to frustration.

To help you savour your next potential customer’s experience, I have created a list of four common mistakes that I see most websites make. Don’t worry, I will also be nice enough to help you fix the problem.


1 – “I want my website to look like it was made in 1998”


At least that is what I picture many business owners telling their web designers.

The average user will judge your brand within the first 7 seconds of their visit. It is critical to make a good first impression or you else your visitors will be running for the exit.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I have seen a logo or design that could be topped by my 5 year old niece.

Our team has said this so often that we should consider getting this tattooed: your website is not a brochure, it is a living, breathing web presence that represents you.

If you sell high quality products, your website needs to communicate this through a high quality design.

It can be tempting to save money by asking your sister-in-law to create a website but it needs to be taken as serious as your business.

Your website will be something seen by your customers, employees, friends and family. Invest some time and money to create a mobile-responsive masterpiece you can be proud of. Your future customers will thank you.


2 – “Use that photo of the girl wearing a headset”


This photo has been used so often that the model could be out buying her second vacation home by earning royalties.

Frankly, I am not against using high quality stock photos but highly recommend using your own photos wherever possible. It is easier for customers to connect with the faces of the company than Mrs. Headset. Nothing screams ‘authenticity’ more than showcasing your headshot, employees, store and products. Make sure this involves using photos that represent your company and stray away from uploading selfies that were taken during happy hour.

If you decide to continue using stock photos, source high quality photos that align well with your website design. I highly recommend using a website such as Shutterstock.



3 – “I want my contact button to play hide and seek with my customers”


Hey business owner, I tried to buy from you but couldn’t find your contact button!

It seems ridiculous that a website would make it impossible for a potential customer to complete a purchase, right? It happens more often than you think!

Your website should have strong and bold call-to-actions to make it easy for your visitors to take the next step.

Whether you are offering products or services, your website should virtually take your customers’ hand and guide them every step of the way.

Take the time to consider the flow of your website, otherwise your visitors will take the time to consider your competitor.


4 – “I want my customers’ name, phone number, credit card information, and the colour of their favourite socks”


Nothing scares a visitor away quicker than a 12-step process that spits out an inaccurate quote.

The form on your website may be the biggest lead generator for your business yet you feel the need to make it more complicating than Sudoku. The goal of your form should be to make it as easy as possible for your website visitors to inquire about something valuable they found on the website.

Here is the secret sauce: make it simple but significant.

You need a really good reason to ask for more information than their name, phone number (even this should be optional), email address, and the ability to ask a question. Once the user completes this form, it is an opportunity for your customer service to shine! Call or email them to assist them with their request. Your prompt service will show them how awesome you are!

Once you have created a simple form, make it stand out and easy to find.

Many of your competitors are making this mistake. You can help your business generate significantly more leads by simply fixing this.


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The next time you come across a website that falls victim to any of these 5 mistakes, I encourage you to send them a passive note with a link to this blog post. Allow me to give them the tough love!

The next item on my list is to send Mr S. a friendly reminder. If only I could find his contact page…