Woodland Horizon's beautiful profile for growth

the challenge

Woodland Horizon is a woodcrafting company that has been offering kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and custom home renovations since 2005. Despite being active on social media, Woodland Horizon struggled with generating new leads online. The company reached out to Candybox Marketing, looking to refresh their social media accounts in order to strengthen their online presence and capture the attention of potential customers. 

our process

step 1

The first step to giving Woodland Horizon a social media facelift was understanding their company, goals, and values. From our discussions, Candybox learned that Woodland Horizon wanted to promote that they are a family-oriented company, and incorporate aspects of faith and religion in their content. We decided to share photos of Woodland Horizon’s work along with motivational quotes related to faith to appeal to their audiences. 


step 2

We conducted a social media audit to identify what had been working well for the company along with areas for improvement. From there we created a custom social media strategy designed to capture more leads while also showcasing Woodland Horizon’s beautiful work. 


step 3

From our social media audits, we identified the need for more visually appealing photos. This included selecting photos with good lighting and flattering angles to properly highlight Woodland Horizon’s best work. We also ensured that the photos had a consistent look and feel in terms of filters and colours.


step 4

Candybox changed the layout of Woodland Horizon’s Instagram to make the feed more visually appealing. We also designed custom post templates that were in line with the Woodland Horizon brand, ensuring that each account had a unified look.


step 5

Beyond the visual components, we updated Woodland Horizon’s voice to be more friendly and fun. Their previous captions were serious and bland whereas our new captions used warm and inviting verbiage that inspired engagement. We can’t forget about community management. Candybox connected with followers through posts and in the comments, nurturing relationships to help convert followers into customers! 


the solution

Candybox developed a comprehensive social media strategy that increased Woodland Horizon’s digital presence and encouraged followers to connect with the company for their home renovation needs. We designed a new layout for their Instagram page which made the account visually appealing from the first glance. We incorporated high quality images showcasing only their best work along with inspirational quotes to highlight Woodland Horizon’s values of family and faith. 

Since Candybox’s social media facelift, Woodland Horizon has noticed a new stream of contacts coming from their social media pages. In fact, the company proudly uses their Instagram account as a portfolio to show off their work to new clients.

Before Candybox | After Candybox

increase in Instagram followers
increase in impressions on Facebook
increase in impressions on Instagram

Candybox Marketing is very professional and easy to work with. They will tailor a solution to work with whatever budget you have. Our focus is to showcase our amazing team and the work that they do as well as bring some positivity into the lives of our followers. Vanessa has embraced this vision, and the content that she creates for us has been nothing short of amazing! After she has taken over our account, we are getting many positive comments about the content that we are putting out on our social feeds. We love working with the Candybox team!

Laverne Martin | President