You Don’t Want To Miss Out On This Hidden Gem In Oakville!

Have you ever had a dream where you were having an adventurous day in a world filled with different types of candy, wishing you never had to wake up? As a Candyboxer, I’m lucky enough to say that I never have to wake up from that dream, because our new Oakville studio is exactly that – a hub made of extra sweetness!


No, this is not a picture I stole from a random bulk store – this is an actual giant candy wall in our studio that welcomes you right at the door! 

And if you couldn’t already tell in the picture, the candies are not just for display. We munch on them daily for a much-needed sugar boost as we go about our productive days in the studio.


What goes nicely with all the sweets and treats? An unlimited supply of coffee and tea! 

And I mean LOTS of them. 

Imagine taking a relaxing coffee break in the midst of a busy day in the comfort of our kitchen…

Like him. 


But our studio is about more than just great coffee and sweet treats. We’re known for being Canada’s premier digital marketing agency and helping our clients reach new heights with marketing that actually works. To achieve this, we need a productive and professional environment where we can thrive, ideate, and meet with clients in person(finally!). 

And of course, everything in our workspace is customized in pink.

You might be wondering: what’s that dark room over there with a neon sign that says “AIR”? 

Multi-media Room

It’s actually our “forbidden zone” slash Multi-media Room, surrounded by soundproof walls and professional-grade equipment needed for video production. It’s constantly on “Do Not Disturb” mode while our videographers and editors are busy producing high-quality video projects and podcasts. 

Boardrooms & Meeting Rooms

What’s a studio without rooms for creative brainstorming sessions? Our spacious boardrooms and meeting rooms are designed for maximum creativity, allowing our Candyboxers to brainstorm and collaborate with various teams. With interactive whiteboards, cutting-edge presentation technology, and comfortable seating, we have everything we need to bring more ideas to the table and produce sweet work.

And the “owl thing” in the middle of the desk? It’s actually a speaker with a built-in camera that automatically captures everyone in the room whenever they’re speaking. Isn’t that amazing? No more missed moments.

Join Our Team

At Candybox Marketing, we believe in creating a fun and leisure environment that inspires creativity and innovation. That’s our vision from day one, now perfectly embodied in our new studio. 

If you’d like to work in an environment like this (of course you would!), I’ve got great news for you – we’re hiring! Check out our careers page now and hopefully, we’ll welcome you to our studio one day!