Why You Should Join the Candybox Team

When I am asked what company I work for, and I say “Candybox Marketing,” more often than not, I receive the response: “That agency seems like a dream.” And I can confidently say it is. 

There are many reasons why our current employees enjoy working at Candybox and why numerous others want to join our team. In the words of our CEO Darrell Keezer “It’s like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory with a lot of laptops.” Candybox is a place where employees want to be. We understand that a stellar company culture attracts the best team members and motivates them to achieve their highest potential.

Keep reading to discover why our employees stay with us and why you should be the next Candyboxer.


“We are all one sweet family.” – Vanessa Botelho (Social Media Manager) 

We create a family atmosphere at work which encourages our team members to build strong relationships resulting in better team dynamics and helping us work together more effectively. Establishing a sense of team loyalty is also a crucial factor when attracting and retaining employees. We have an open-door policy where our Candyboxers are encouraged to express their concerns, ideas and thoughts anonymously. When our team members achieve a significant milestone, we reward them through our taco system on Slack, a tool we use for internal communication where other Candyboxers can also honour them. We work as a family because we genuinely care about the well-being of our employees. We want our Candyboxers to feel comfortable, and we work hard to accomplish that. 


“Work hard? Yes. Play hard? Yes.” – Ryan Jaques (Sr. Project Manager)

At Canydybox, we reward our employees for all their hard work. From excellent healthcare benefits to fun team events, we always have our Candyboxers best interests in mind. Producing quality digital marketing that actually works is more complex and challenging than it seems. Our Candyboxers work diligently to constantly fulfill the needs of our clients through their comprehensive industry knowledge. For each Candyboxer to maintain a consistently stellar work performance, they need to recharge from time to time. From extended health care benefits to flexible working hours, we go above and beyond to ensure every Candyboxer has the resources they need to thrive and stay healthy. Our monthly corporate events also bring our team members closer together. They can interact with each other outside of the workplace and participate in activities they may not do together otherwise. Some of our team events include Toronto Blue Jays baseball games, laser tag, food trucks, lunch/dinner, and more. 


“Curiosity and learning are constantly encouraged. We all want to see each other grow and become the best marketers we can be.” – Laura Dockrill (Brand Coordinator) 

Candybox believes career development benefits our employees and the company. We allocate a personal development budget for each Candyboxer to expand their industry knowledge through training courses, books, conferences, and more. Giving our team members this opportunity to develop their skills allows us to improve our service offerings further. With our team members further educating themselves, we can level up our business, resulting in tremendous success for our clients.


“Sometimes you have to sit and think “what’s the catch?!” because it is that good here.” – Michelle Ferguson (Social Media Manager)

Our unmatched employee perks and distinctive company culture make Candybox a great place to work. If you are looking for a work environment that encourages continuous growth and values your opinion, you have found the right place. 

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