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Why Does Social Media Even Matter?

I have been with Candybox for 4.5 years now and have been heading up the Content Marketing department since day 1. Part of my role at Candybox is meeting with business owners to understand their business, become an industry expert, and execute blogging and social media strategies that convert readers into clients. For every company I work with, I have to create a different “voice,” establish a different colour scheme for their social media presence, and become an undeniable source of information. I’ve even had a few clients tell me that I know more about their industry than those applying to work for them.

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Emails are answered as quickly as possible, social strategies are changed on a dime, and reports are pulled with only a few minutes notice to show how we are establishing a strong brand message through social platforms that tend to change every single day.

On a month to month basis, I also co-host a social media workshop to train business owners on how to effectively use social media to build their business. I have been asked many questions about the purpose of social media marketing but one of the biggest ones that I get is, “What’s the point of social media?”

That’s a valid question. What is the point of social media? Should we even be contributing to the noise online, or should we just stand back and focus our efforts somewhere else?

Social media began as a way to connect with people. It allowed friends and family to stay in touch, share images, and give updates on their lives. It provides the chance to share the day to day. I recently ran into someone that I hadn’t seen in over ten years and he asked me, “So what have you been up to?” I couldn’t even answer him as I drew a blank on everything but my university career and my job experience. Instead of rhyming of my resume, I said “not much” and turned the question back on him. He had just about the same to say, even though our social profiles are full of the lives we have lived.

So does it make sense for a business owner to be on social media? For a business to post about their products and services to entice individuals to purchase from them? NO.

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Wasn’t expecting that, were you? If you are only using social media to see instant leads come into the pipeline, you may be disappointed unless you have a healthy budget for boosted posts and ads as well. But if you are looking to increase your brand presence, build advocates, connect with people and share what you and your team is up to, then YES! GO FOR IT! You may not see a customer come through your doors right away, or an instant monetary return on your investment, but you will see the power of brand presence and how that can help you gain customers for a lifetime, instead of for a split second.

Don’t believe us? Do you prefer Nike or Reebok? Is your choice based on price or how well you know the brand? Think about it.

Hubspot released a great article on the importance of brand awareness back in 2018 and it still rings true today. They found that, building brand awareness helps to establish brand equity, which in turn leads to;

  • Higher prices due to higher perceived value
  • A higher stock price
  • The ability to expand business through product or service line extensions
  • Greater social impact due to brand name value

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You may have noticed that Candybox is sharing more and more on Instagram. Why? We are all about sharing what we do and how we do it. Every week, a Candyboxer shares videos and images throughout the day, showing the work that they do and the strategy that comes into play. We want people to know the faces behind the brand, not just the logo or interesting facts about the industry. We want to make social media social again!

It’s time that businesses stop posting just about their products and services. It’s time for businesses to get social and provide value.

So, why does social media matter? Because it gives your business a voice. Use it!

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