Webinar Recap: Top 5 Trends for Recruiting New Employees

“Marketing is asking someone on a date, branding is making them say yes.” 

It turns out that finding “the right one” and making them stay is a challenge not only in the dating world but also in running a business. According to a 2018 study by BDC, Canada will continue to suffer from a severe labour shortage spanning until 2030, meaning that recruiting new employees will become increasingly difficult for businesses of all sizes.

Darrell Keezer, the leader of nearly 40 marketing experts at Candybox Marketing, discussed the top 5 trends for recruiting new employees in his webinar yesterday. He also shed light on how you can retain and maintain a long-term relationship with these incredibly talented people.

Here’s a quick glance at this webinar:

[03:53]: Darrell touched on the main reasons why recruiting new employees has been such a challenging task for business owners in recent years.

[05:53]: Darrell started detailing the five recruitment strategies.

[07:14]: “Marketing is asking someone on a date, branding is making them say yes.” It’s crucial for you and your company to start branding for prospective recruits, that is, people that may want to work with you in the future.

[09:46]: Darrell elaborated on the importance of the branding of a company with examples such as Google and Candybox Marketing. 

[12:00]: Show your potential recruits what you’d offer them with real actions instead of just saying them out loud.

[14:20]: Darrell explained with solid examples why first impressions, both online and in-person, matter a great deal when working on recruitment campaigns.

[19:40]: Try to make one recruitment video addressing your overall vision and values so people truly understand who you’re as a company. That way, you’re making your business more accessible to candidates who share similar values as your company does.

[22:22] Populate your recruiting posts on as many platforms as possible to increase their exposure and attract more qualified applicants.

[26:35]: Using Candybox Marketing as an example, Darrell highlighted why maintaining a consistent social media presence can help generate incredible results for your recruitment campaigns.

[30:01]: Always make sure your websites are actually converting people, in this case, your potential employees, into actual leads by being more down-to-earth and user-friendly. 

[34:32]: People want to hear from other people that work for your organization. Take a look at Glassdoor regularly and see how your company is being rated by former workers. Try your best to get as many positive reviews as possible. 

[38:50]: Darrell shared more information about his upcoming in-person branding workshop in Oakville.

[40:14]: Q&A session. You’ll find Darrell’s answers to questions such as:

  • How does branding and brand positioning play an important role in recruiting and retaining the right talents?
  • What do you do in scenarios where employees may be reluctant to participate in making recruitment videos?
  • How do you create incentives to encourage others to leave positive reviews on your business page?

Listen to it now!