Webinar Recap: Managing Remote Teams Without Tears by Darrell Keezer

It is one thing to have all your employees work from home, it is an entirely different thing to lead a remote team successfully

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Candybox Marketing has doubled its business in the past two years, won Great Place To Work in Canada, and made the annual Growth 500 list multiple times. How is that possible, you might wonder?

Darrell Keezer, Founder and CEO of Candybox Marketing, shared his thoughtful insights on this topic last week at a webinar entitled “Managing Remote Teams Without Tears”. During the 50-minute session, he talked about how he managed to lead a remote team without tears while seamlessly expanding his business during a worldwide pandemic. 

Here’s a quick glance at this webinar:

[6:00]: Darrell introduced a wide variety of tools he has been using to solve problems that a remote working team might face.

[9:15]: Even if you have only 10% of your employees working remotely, you still need a 100% remote plan because people aren’t there all the time. Regardless of where your employees are working, it is important to create a unified experience within your company.

[12:00]: Company is humans. The way you treat and give experience to people is going to be the future of your company.

[13:00]: Always do more to learn about how your employees are doing and work on areas that need improvements. One way to do this is to regularly solicit anonymous feedback. 

[22:00]: Darrell shared his experience using ‘Miro’, an amazing tool that helped him make online collaboration work in Zoom meetings. 

[23:50]: Try to improve internal communication by minimizing the number of emails sent each day and by utilizing tools that combine various communicative functions into one.

[28:25]: When dealing with a remote workforce, you need an effective navigator to help you keep track of the KPIs, or else it can become confusing to manage the team.

[33:35]: As you grow, you need to have better visual cues to help you see when and how quickly your cumulative revenues are dipping or climbing. 

[35:15]: Automating is absolutely crucial right now because you want to be able to focus on things that matter and not become preoccupied with things that don’t.

[37:45]: You don’t need to book a 30-minute meeting to get 3 minutes of feedback. Try to send video emails, which are free, fast, and allow people to watch them during the time they want.

[38:40]: Save your entire sales team half of their time by using the right tools to automate the proposal process.

[39:40]: Create a one-page dashboard that shows you everything that is important for today. 

Near the end of the webinar, you will also find Darrell’s answers to questions such as:

  • What’s the difference between Monday and Pipedrive?
  • Do you have a cool story to share about using these tools?
  • How do you manage the workload for someone who gets COVID and may be sick for 1-1.5 weeks?

Listen to it now!