Things I Have Learned From a Year at Candybox

Today officially marks the day I became apart of the Candybox Team, and wow, what an amazing ride the past year has been.

To commemorate my 1 year work-iversary, I am taking inspiration from Heather’s post about things I have learned in the past year.


Celebrate The Little Things


At Candybox it doesn’t matter how big or small an achievement is, we celebrate it. When a client goes live, a new website is launched, a problem is solved, as a team we celebrate it. We even have a segment during our Monday Morning Meetings titled “Good News” where we can share any good news that happened during the previous week. Nothing goes unnoticed. Not only does this boost the team environment but it is also a reminder to you, that you are awesome, and it’s all these little things that add up to one big thing.



The Importance Of Having A Work Family


I often brag say that I have a work family. As a team we are all a lot closer than most people are with their colleagues. We celebrate each other, we enjoy each others company, we can be together outside of work and have fun while doing it. It makes every aspect of work so much better. It is like when you are in high school and put on a group project with your besties.



Coffee Coffee Coffee


Enough said.



Sharing Laughs


Being able to laugh at work, be silly, wear a party hat all day, are all small things which make for a brighter environment.



The Power Of the White Board


Never under estimate the power of the white board. A white board is like this magic piece of equipment, that when used, amazing things happen. I don’t want to talk about it too much, I don’t want to jinx the power, just know it’s amazing.


Embrace Different Opinions


Sometimes when sitting at a table of Marketers – all of which focus on different aspects of digital marketing, it can lead to a whole lot of different opinions. When some of us are focused on strong CTAs, and others are focused on sharable content, and others are focused on functionality, it can lead to a loud room. Going hand in hand with the work family, we like each other enough that we are are able to embrace the different opinions, hear each other out, and hopefully come to an agreement, or agree to disagree without completely hating each other.


All You Need Is Love… And Candy.


Enough said. But seriously, candy is something which unites every one. The first interview question Darrell asked me was “what is your favourite candy”. This is the question which is also asked to new clients. It breaks up the conversations, and bonding happens when discussing candy. King sized Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars can be mailed to Candybox ATT: Julia.


Marketing Takes Over Every Aspect Of Your Life.


For real. I am forever tainted. You have a bad website? You’re definitely not getting my business. Oh, you don’t think ads are important? How cute. Wow check out that CTA! I need to take a picture of that marketing fail. They’re not even on Google My Business. What do you mean you don’t even have a Facebook page? Every. Aspect. Of Your Life.

shameless plug – bad website? , 2 days, 1 killer website.
shameless plus 2 – no idea about Google My Business? Struggling with Facebook? Talk to us!



Seeing Your Own Ad Makes You Over The Top Happy.


The first time I saw one of my own ads while searching for something in my own time, was a moment for the books. I’m pretty sure I showed it to anyone around me. “I MADE THAT!” was my favourite sentence for awhile. It also goes to show you how much marketing takes over my life.


A Lot Of People Do Not Understand What We Do.


This is so true. My mom watched “The Intern” around the time I was hired, and she is still confused with what I do. I’ve had to tell her to stop telling people that I “work for Google”.


Surround Yourself With Inspiration.


I am definitely a person who reflects their environment, and being around colour and brightness makes me happier which in turn makes me more creative. For me, I like to surround myself with bright things (and coffee, and candy, and green Monsters), but I also like to use art pieces (especially if the girl resembles me) and my computer background to keep me excited and full of colour. There is something about happy colours and a sugar high that really get the creativity flowing!



Love what you do, do what you love.


I can’t stress this enough. Loving what you do, is a huge blessing which I definitely do not take for granted. I know I am incredibly lucky to be excited to work; to not dread Sunday nights knowing I have a week of work ahead of me. Knowing I love my job, and I get to work with some amazing, and super creative people every day inspires me to be better.