The School Of Rock…and Marketing

Everyone loves a good concert. Thousands of people all over the world pay to sit with friends or family and listen to their favourite artist as they perform live. While at Keith Urban’s Toronto concert last Saturday, it got me thinking; there are so many crucial lessons that marketers can learn from artists, to make clients go “woo!”




Keith Urban with Special Guest Slipknot…


Imagine this, you have been waiting to see Keith Urban for what seems like forever. The crowd is chanting his name and people all around you are fidgeting, waiting for the show to start. At any concert, there are a few opening acts but many times it’s hard to remember who they are as your focus is on the main performer. The lights dim, the crowd cheers, and Slipknot enters the stage…Wait… What? Why is Slipknot opening for country megastar Keith Urban? Am I in the right spot?

Doesn’t make sense, does it? The same goes with your website. Image that a user comes onto your site after googling,“local spas.” The homepage features information about the services that they offer, pricing, a form to request an appointment and a taco recipe. One of these things is not like the other. Your website needs to have one focus so that you do not confuse your audience with offers that do not relate to your main offering.




[Enter City Name] is Our Favourite Stop on Tour…


If you’ve been to a concert you’ve heard, “this [current location] crowd is the best crowd we have had all tour!” I’m willing to bet that the band says that at every city they perform in. No matter, the crowd still cheers 10 times louder than before because the band just said that YOUR hometown is their favourite and that the crowd here is the best, (that’s means you)!

Businesses take note. Audiences relate better to content that is targeted to their location. Keep this in mind when creating compelling advertisements, social media posts or any other material to bring customers to your website or shop. Users are expecting more and more for content to be relatable to their individual needs. By creating content that is targeted to the geographic location of your audience, the likelihood of generating more conversions increases significantly.




The band exits stage left and the lights go dark, but a few lights shine on stage. The crowd chants, “Encore…encore,” and continue to clap. The band, hearing their fans plea, return to the stage to play a few more songs! 

Same goes for your business. You’ve successfully reeled in a new client. They saw your ad, they liked your offer and they have converted, and in the process, you’ve collected valuable information about this customer, such as which products speak to them. You now have a way to reconnect with them on a greater level.

It’s time for remarketing. Bring that customer back by offering them an exclusive deal, or show them new arrivals based on their past purchases. Encore…encore!




There is a reason that artists from Keith Urban, to The Rolling Stones and Metallica to Lady Gaga, sell out shows across the world. They (and their talented teams) are marketing evangelists. They figured out how to create the demand for their brand, keep their audience happy and keep them coming back for more. So next time you’re at a concert, think about how that artist was successful in getting you to buy a ticket, spend $10 on one beer and sing until you lose your voice.