The Holy Trinity of Media: Owned, Earned and Paid

Success in today’s marketplace is not about success in any one channel. It’s about smart integration and leveraging the power of marketing and advertising to help you operate more efficiently.

Almost all of your marketing and advertising initiatives can be broken down into three core areas:


Owned Media: Refers to properties or assets you own, where you control the messaging including: Store front, Ads, Website, Blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Videos, etc…

Earned Media: In order to gain momentum you need to earn the attention of your audience. Once you’ve captivated them, they will organically talk with you and about you to their peers, friends and family.

Paid Media: Should be planned and effectively placed, with the intent to drive new business, cultivate leads and/or earn media coverage and brand awareness.

To achieve greatness and maximum ROI, we must pay others for services and awareness that you simply cannot produce on your own, including: Pay-Per-Click (Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing) Paid Social Ads via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.. and other forms of traditional media: Direct Mail, Magazines and Newspapers.

Keeping this cycle fresh (Owned, Earned and Paid) is the holy trinity that drives and converts leads into customers, which will eventually turn prospects into clients. But like most businesses in your position, you don’t need to tackle this entirely on your own… rest assured we’re here to help!

If you’d like to coordinate a sweet discovery meeting to explore or evaluate your marketing plan, feel free to reach out anytime! We’re always a phone call or email away.