Our Favourite Pokémon

Pokémon GO has captured the hearts of people around the world, becoming one of the most downloaded mobile apps in history. People are spending any extra time that they have walking through cities and exploring landmarks, and some have even quit their jobs in order to “catch ’em all.” Within three days, Pokémon GO had more active users on it than Twitter, proving that Niantic, the company that developed this game, has captured the hearts of players both young and old. Most of our team has downloaded the app and are on our way to becoming Pokémon GO masters. Here are a few of our favourite Pokémon.




My favourite Pokémon is Electabuzz, mostly because he was one of the first kinds of Pokémon I caught, but also because he looks like some kind of alien superhero – he has a giant lightning bolt on his chest and a permanent look of grim determination that would make Christian Bale jealous. Also, he apparently works part time as a lightning rod by standing on top of buildings, and I respect that he’s able to hold down a job.





As I go through the Pokedex online, trying to narrow down one favourite Pokemon, all my childhood memories are coming back to me. Playing Pokémon leaf on my Gameboy, my go-to Pokémon was always #006 Charizard. From watching the show, he was always like a stubborn teenager, challenging to train, but if you could perfect it, paid off big time.

I kept looking through the Pokedex, #038 Ninetails, I thought it was super fluffy looking and would be a sweet pet…oh, I forgot about Arcanine #059, a sweet fire dog and #078 Rapidash, a fire unicorn.

Then I realized I must be part pyromaniac because all of my favourite Pokémon are fire type. I don’t think I can narrow down my favourite to one specific Pokémon. Rather, my favourite type of Pokémon, which is fire. From the difficult and stubborn Charizard’s to the underrated “cute” fire unicorn, Rapidash…who doesn’t love a fire unicorn?! If I could, I would be the Pokémon Master of fire Pokémon.




I honestly know nothing about Pokémon – I’m not cool enough for that. As it was difficult to choose a favourite when I don’t know any characters, I did what made the most sense – I went to Google and searched “Which Pokémon Am I?” I clicked on the most reliable source (nintendo.com) did the 7 question quiz and I learned I was Pikachu since I like adventure and excitement. Although I hate to argue with the founders, I must say I don’t necessarily think I’m overly adventurous, but I guess they would know best.





When this question was first asked in our Creative Studio back when Pokémon GO was first being rolled out in countries around the world, I could not answer it. I never watched Pokémon or played with the cards, making the excitement around this mobile app a mystery to me. It wasn’t until I decided to draw one of the Pokémon creatures that I found my favourite. Maybe it’s because its the first Pokémon that I was exposed to, or because I couldn’t pronounce the name properly for a few days but my favourite has to be Bulbasaur. He is cute, spunky and one of the classics (as far as I know), so why not?





This one is easy: Charmander!
I still remember breaking open my piggy bank to purchase Pokémon Red and immediately picking Charmander as my starter.
As soon as I started playing Pokémon GO, I had to stick with my roots and choose Charmander as my starter once again.
An epic dino-lizard Pokémon with a flame on its tail? It was a no brainer!
Photo courtesy of www.Pokemon.com/us


Being from a generation that grew up with Pokémon, one would assume that I knew a lot about the game and the characters, but one would be wrong.  When coming to write this blog I actually found it pretty hard to even remember any of the Pokémon names! I haven’t really gotten into the new Pokémon Go app on my phone because unfortunately having a job makes it pretty difficult to spend all day running around town catching Pokémon and finding pokestops. So after my Google search of “cool Pokémon characters”…*drumroll*…SNORLAX, I CHOOSE YOU. On Snorlax’s profile, I found his description: “Snorlax’s typical day consists of nothing more than eating and sleeping. It is such a docile Pokémon that there are children who use its expansive belly as a place to play.”  Now if that isn’t that best Pokémon, then I don’t know what is.
Photo courtesy of www.Pokemon.com/us

Now that we have shared our favourite Pokémon, it’s your turn! Whether you are exploring the city and visiting gyms and pokestops, or are following the hype online, let us know your favourite!

In the mean time, go catch ’em all!