My First Few Months At Candybox Marketing

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This Is What My First Few Months Were Like!


The best Christmas gift I’ve ever received. I remember waking up on December 24th, 2021, Christmas Eve, as if it were a typical day. I received a phone call from the Candybox Marketing hiring manager, stating that they would like to offer me the position of Social Media Coordinator. I was nearly at a loss for words; the dream I had since college to work at this incredible agency had come true. 

I started at Candybox Marketing in January of 2022, the first day of my big girl career. Based on my interview process, and the research I did on the company, it seemed like an excellent fit. Still, as a recent college graduate entering the workforce, I was not sure what to expect. 

Things started very well from day one. The employees were super welcoming and kind, always willing to help. I picked up my laptop and chair from the studio the week before my first day, and purchased wrist rests for my mouse and keyboard – I was as ready as I could ever be. 

As I settled into my first day, I attended the Canbybox-wide Monday Morning Meeting. Followed by my formal orientation (or, as I like to call it, information overload) with Darrell and following with my team lead, Kiefer. On the first day, I had already learned so much more about the company and processes than I thought was possible.

A month in and I was feeling much more secure in myself and the skills I learned. I had been taking courses online and working mostly on the SEO side of things. By this time, I could create keyword target lists and complete website content recommendations with help from the content managers. 

The second month came along and I started to work on the social media side of things, which I was very excited about. Being a young person in today’s society, social media consumes a fair amount of my time so being able to make it my career was everything I wanted. I started assisting the social media managers with “community management” which entailed responding to direct messages and comments left on clients’ social platforms. 

I ended my three-month probation period and became an official permanent employee of Candybox Marketing – I had made it. At this time I was given the opportunity to lead the Candybox culture group. At first, I was a little bit hesitant and anxious about the thought, but after speaking with my team lead, I came to the decision to accept the role. I had also been working on both social media and SEO projects alongside the managers and was more confident in my knowledge. 

I am now four months into being a Social Media Coordinator at Candybox Marketing. I’ve created great relationships with my team members and have started to take charge of my own projects. I write blogs, lead the culture team, create social media content, perform community management, generate SEO recommendations, and much more. 

I know I am only still in the beginning stages of my career with Candybox Marketing, and things will continue to evolve during my time here. But for the most part, it has started well, and I am more than happy with my job and the company. After taking the leap of faith and jumping out of my comfort zone, I can confidently say that I’m glad I did so, or else I would not be here writing this today. I am excited to see what happens for me in the coming months. 

If you are interested in working with me and our wonderful team of Candyboxers, do not hesitate to apply.