Landing Page vs. Homepage

Coming into my first internship and with very little knowledge on Digital Marketing, I definitely panicked a little when I was asked to create my first landing page on my very first week. It’s because I didn’t know what information needed to be within a landing page. At which point I turned to my loyal companion, Google, to find out what the difference was between a Homepage and a Landing Page. 

Sure enough, I found quite a few articles on Google but there was one on Unbounce that really caught my eye. It clearly highlighted the reasons why a landing page varied from a homepage, a difference that most people, like myself (as well as clients) don’t quite understand.  So what is the difference between the two?


A landing page is a web page that is created with a specific goal/campaign in mind. It doesn’t bombard users with all the details of a brand, but just a few key components and a link or two that would highlight particular products or services a business offers. A homepage, on the other hand, is the main gateway to a business as a whole where a user can click on different links to view a variety of products or services that are being sold. 

Most business owners find it hard to absorb, that less is more; but in the case of landing pages, less IS more. Let’s take the above examples of the two. Above we can see a landing page (on the left) has 1 link whereas a homepage (on the right) has 19 links. Focusing on one product/service that would result in the most conversions for a business is what a landing page does best. It keeps users from getting distracted and focuses their attention on engaging with your business by using:

  • Tidy visuals
  • Effective headline
  • Clear call to action
  • Highlighting important attributes of your offered product/service

It’s quite simple isn’t it? It actually is.  Understanding the difference between a landing page and a homepage is one of the first steps to creating successful campaigns that would appeal to the right customers for a business.