Company Culture

Through the Eyes of an Intern: Company Culture

Andrew Manson, founder of Groupon once said, “Hire great people and give them the freedom to be awesome.”

I’ll admit, when I first started my internship, I felt a bit timid about what my experience would be like. I’ve heard horror stories from friends about negative internship experiences at well-known brands, where most of their duties included getting their supervisor coffee, constantly working overtime, and feeling unappreciated for their work.

Prior to applying for an internship with Candybox, I did a lot of research on the company and its culture. So why is it important? Why should an intern care about company culture when an internship is just temporary?

To answer that question, I first encourage you to think about the last job you had or are currently in. Did you feel motivated at work? Were you given challenges that improved your skills? Were you productive? Did you feel valued by your colleagues and the company? If you answered “no” to the questions above, then chances are you are either quitting or thinking about it.

Company culture is about more than the atmosphere. It embodies the character of its employees. It resembles the values and goals that the company is working towards. If a company truly focuses on its employees, then it will be evident in employee morale and productivity.

My experience at Candybox has, so far, exemplified their company culture. For example, the studio is designed in a way where the seating allows for collaboration and discussion as there are no cubicles or offices. In a very “Starbucks” like setting, team members, interns, and department heads all sit together. Through an open and relaxed workspace, teams are able to share ideas and delegate responsibilities in complete coherence. When a project/ task is completed, everyone who participated in that project is given credit and thanked. Additionally, the company has a strict “only work during work hours” rule where it’s almost frowned upon to spend extra time in the studio after 5:00 PM. How awesome is that?

Micromanaging also does not have a place at Candybox. Micromanaging hinders ones ability to concentrate and leaves employees feeling untrusted and ill-equipped. At Candybox, the team practices what they preach by ensuring that responsibilities, no matter how big or small, are completed appropriately without micromanaging getting in the way. 

As an intern, it’s easy to get caught up in looking for a temporary job that offers the most amount of compensation. It’s also easy to look for a job with a good title that will fit nicely in your resume. While compensation and job title are important, it’s just as essential to research the company and get an idea of the brand’s personality.

Your internship experience should provide you with the opportunity to excel in your career choice. It should motivate you and challenge your skills. If you find yourself shying away from taking on responsibilities and feel that you haven’t gained any value from your experience, then, in many cases, it can be a direct result of the company’s poor leadership and communication.

The best way a company shows its value and vision is through its people. Candybox Project Manager, Mahfuz Chowdhury once said “Company culture is the secret sauce that has made every year better than the last. It is much easier to work towards a vision when you work with the most incredible human beings you can ask for.”

Whether you’re searching for a permanent position or a temporary one, always remember to consider if your values align with those of the organization.