Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with WordPress

Microsoft Dynamics is a powerful CRM tool that powers thousands of major companies across the globe. Over the past few years we’ve worked with a few large companies that use Microsoft Dynamics to run their business and desired to integrate it in a new WordPress website. Based on our research there are a ton of plugins that can handle simple requests (forms etc.), but recognized that most companies require a custom solution. Microsoft Dynamics has great connectivity features through their API, which we’ve used to build a number of custom integrations.

Take a look below at two recent examples where our agency integrated Microsoft Dynamics into WordPress using REST API to make everything work seamlessly!


1. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics Product Inventories with WordPress


One of our customers, AeroAuctions, is one of the largest Heavy Equipment auction companies in Canada. They have a massive database of auction inventory (upcoming and historical) that they wanted to be served up in a WordPress website that can easily be updated. We were able to build a custom API to pull all new inventory items, auction dates + location and sold statistics into WordPress. Their old web-platform simply couldn’t handle the amount of traffic and demands on the database, and they desired to move onto WordPress to help them grow their business over the next 10 years.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with WordPress


2. Integrating Login / Member Accounts with WordPress


Our customer IFBC wanted to get off of their old .NET website CMS and build a new WordPress website with the ability for users to login and access a members-only area. Each member would be able to access resources, update their account in the IFBC database and pay for events / insurance through their own portal. Over a few months, we built the new website and mapped out a new user-flow that would work in real-time with Microsoft Dynamics. The team at IFBC testified that their new website was infinitely better than their old one. They are now able to easily market events and promotions within their website and connect it straight to their members database without a ton of manual work.


Microsoft Dynamics Members Integrated with WordPress