Instagram Stories Are Here

Instagram wants a piece of the Snapchat market, by introducing Instagram stories.

Here are 10 quick facts about Instagram Stories:

  • Stories can be created from videos or photos that are on your phone
  • You can upload, slowmos, hyperlapses and Boomerang’s from your phone to your story
  • 10-second videos can be added to your stories  and last 24 hours before disappearing
  • You can choose to hide the content from some users
  • Stories appear on the top of your Instagram feed and are sorted by who you interact most with



  • Tap on the right and left side of the screen to go forward in the story or back a frame. Stories can also be paused, unlike Snapchat
  • You can draw on photos, even neon markers are available!



  • Users on Instagram need to voluntarily tap on your logo to watch your story, unlike Snapchat, where it constantly progresses forward
  • All photos and videos can be saved



  • You can see who has viewed your story

While there are many similarities to Snapchat, there are also some differences. How is it going to compare to ever growing Snapchat? We’ll just have to wait and see!