If We Were At The Olympics…

The Olympics have been taking place for just over a week now, and people from all over the world have been watching the different sporting events with excitement. Our team has been cheering on Canada both at home and at work, and it got us thinking. If we were at the Olympics, which sport would we want to compete in… Here are our top picks!




Admittedly, sports was never my forte. However, I was always a big fan of soccer and had some pretty epic moments on the field. It would definitely be my go-to Olympic sport.

As far as I can remember, soccer was a sport that brought our family together. I remember us sitting around the living room, with my dad and brothers, and cheering on the underdogs. This always got me excited to put on my soccer cleats and spend hours in the field working on my craft.

Even today, it is incredible to see how hard players like Naymar, Messi, and Ronaldo works to represent their country. It motivates me to call up friends and get a friendly game started in our local soccer field.

I can claim that my corner kick passes are as good as David Beckham, but only when I find myself playing in kid-size soccer fields.



That could still be a future Olympic sport… right?





I have always been a fan of the Olympics. Synchronized diving, gymnastics, trampoline, swimming, and rowing are a few of my all-time favourite events, making the summer Olympics very exciting!

If I had to choose one sport to compete in, I would have to go with swimming. The backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly have always fascinated me because the swimmers are so powerful. They are able to launch themselves completely and fully into a race that could be from 200 metres to 1500 metres long! Each swimmer also has a unique style of swimming which makes every race fun to watch.

Even though I love swimming and the health benefits that come with it,  I think I will leave the racing to the professionals. In the meantime, I will continue to cheer for team Canada. Go Canada Go!!





If I had to pick one sport in the Olympics to go for gold in it would be playing for the Team Canada softball team. Unfortunately, they are in and out of the Olympics, so I would rather a sport that is consistently in the Olympics.

So my second choice is gymnastics. For the simple reason that I am always in awe of how powerful and strong those girls are. Although I have zero flexibility or balancing abilities and may be the most clumsy person, I would overcome everything and go for gold!





I am not sporty in the very least. I am so not sporty, I had doctors notes to get me out of Gym Class. I have asthma and I will play that card HARD if it means I don’t have to participate in athletics (#ItAintEasyBeingWheezy).

So when we were tasked with this blog topic, I had no idea what to pick. I took to Google to look up Olympic sports, and I think I found my calling. I want to be the girl on the horse (or Equestrian Rider – for your sporty people).
What other athlete gets to travel with their friendly pet companion? Although from what I read, the horses aren’t considered “pets” which is disappointing as my horse would also be my pet.
In short, I basically just want to ride a horse and feed him carrots.


I think the decathlon would be cool to compete in because of the variety of events – it requires an ultimate level of fitness across the board, which is directly applicable to real life. Except for javelin, discus and shot put – I can’t see those coming into everyday use. Unless zombies, in which case speed, endurance, and spear-hunting skills would come in handy.
Well, there you have it. I doubt we would win any medals, but we would sure have some fun!