Happy National Co-op Week!

As the work term is winding down, I begin to recollect on my amazing experience with the Candybox team, and all of the awesome projects that I’ve had the chance to work on. For the last few months, I’ve been working at my first internship with Candybox Marketing, learning the ins and outs of the marketing industry. After being here since January, I can honestly say it’s been an amazing and memorable experience.

When It All Started


Before the hiring process began for interns, we were greeted by Sheridan Alumni Mahfuz Chowdhury, who not only gave us insight on how to succeed as interns but spoke about Candybox Marketing and their work. I was intrigued by what their company did, and their past success with other interns. So when the opportunity to apply came, I didn’t waste any time.

Within my first few days at Candybox, I became familiar with websites and programs such as Hootsuite, Canva, and Grammarly, that I use to help create more effective social media content, and improve my grammar and structure for blogs. After my first week, I became acquainted with the basics of WordPress, and how Candybox uses it to create their fantastic websites. Less than a month in, I was given the opportunity that no other intern previously had; being included in client calls and meetings alongside Mahfuz, and creating website wireframes and briefs for web developers and designers.

These great opportunities have provided me with valuable experience in the workplace. Working with the Candybox team has allowed me to develop my writing skills, research skills, collaboration and teamwork skills, as well as learn some new skills that I otherwise wouldn’t have learned in a classroom.


The Candybox Team


I’ve been a part of many different teams in the past, however, none are as enthusiastic or as proud of their work as the team from Candybox. Every time we are all in the studio, there are great stories being shared, many laughs, and incredible ideas being passed around. Each person brings their own unique set of skills to the table that helps contribute to the ongoing success of Candybox.

Every time I stepped into the studio, it never felt like I was going into a typical 9-5 job. We would go out to team lunches, order in food, and organize team events. Even when the company was moving locations, I was always welcomed to participate and lend a hand whenever needed. Everyone here made me feel welcome, and I was encouraged to express any ideas and help contribute to any discussion, making me feel less like an intern and more like a core member of the team.

It has been an incredible experience at my first internship, and one that I will not forget. I will be returning to my usual class schedule shortly, and I’ve never been more prepared. With the added confidence and new set of skills I’ve developed from Candybox, I am ready to take on any challenges that I will face in my upcoming semester.