Google Adwords and Display for lead generation

ZMOT – Zero Moment of Truth

It should be common practice by now, but I’m still amazed that so many companies aren’t living in moment… The ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) to be exact!  If you think about it, whether it’s for personal or work, Google is still King!  We often turn to Google to find resources, products or services that we need in our lives.  Or if we’re in the discovery phase, we find and use Google to help us make informed decisions.

ZMOT aka – Zero Moment of Truth.

As digital marketers, we recognize that you may be using some form of traditional media to assist with your marketing campaign, lead generation efforts to help drive new sales for your business.  I can’t tell you how many times during sales calls/meetings when prospects mention to me… “I was working with some guy and we started a paid ad campaign and we had no idea how much we were spending on the actual ads.” or “We tried Google Ads, they don’t work!”

I’m always concerned when I hear the above mentioned statements as it frustrates me that our industry isn’t regulated and we still have amateurs “pretending” to know best practices, budget allocation, keyword targeting, CTA’s (Call to Actions) and/or conversions to yield new business.

If you (as a business owner or marketing professional) believe that Google Ads don’t work or contribute to helping you move the needle in the right direction than you need to pause for a moment and ask yourself why your competition is using Google to drive leads into their sales funnel.

Google has more PhD employees than NASA and with ever-changing improvements aka algorithms to their eco-system, it’s no wonder business owners and marketers alike get frustrated from time to time about ad campaigns not working the way they were originally set up to do.

If your ads don’t have the proper placement, creative and targeting in place, this may be a few factors why you’re not seeing the results or driving traffic to your site, customers into  your storefront.  But not to worry, we can help and it’s quite easy for our team to assess and pivot to ensure we adopt and deploy a strategy that’s designed to generate results.

The truth of the matter is… the numbers don’t lie!

If you’re tired of investing your money with traditional media that simply can’t be tracked? Or not happy with how your current online marketing campaign is performing, I’d suggest you book a time with me here:

If you’re a savvy digital marketer and have experience with PPC, display or remarking campaigns and you find that they aren’t generating significant results… perhaps the campaign isn’t being managed effectively and it might be worth a 2nd opinion.

Let’s dig-in a bit deeper and learn why you aren’t converting those leads into your sales pipeline.

The consultation is free, aside from your time.  But this call and/or future meeting could change your entire operation, so I’d encourage you to reach out today so we can explore this together.

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