Episode 6: “It Pays To Be Prepared.”

In our sixth episode of CandyCast, “It Pays To Be Prepared”, we have our Customer Success Manager Eldin Fahmy and our Social Media Manager Kiefer Nazareth, discuss sales and working with clients!

Throughout this episode, Eldin discusses his role at Candybox Marketing and both Kiefer and Eldin discuss how to support clients, how to prepare when handling clients and how to communicate with clients.

If you want to learn more about sales and working with clients, listen to the full episode here. Follow us on our Instagram account @candycastclub to keep up with all CandyCast updates and some behind the scenes! Also, make sure to follow Eldin and Kiefer’s personal Instagram accounts. If you are interested in being a guest on this series, contact us at candycastpodcast@gmail.com.

Grab your favourite candy, sit back and enjoy!

Episode #6 cover photo