Confessions of Smartphone Users

The smartphone has come a long way since the first phone of its kind, (The IBM Simon) was released in 1994. What was once an amazing piece of technology that wowed people around the world, is now a common accessory for the majority of the population. Today our phones can take stunning pictures, handle apps that cater to our every need, and can help us communicate with people via text, call, or video so that we can always stay in touch. We all use our phones to talk with friends, family, colleagues and clients, but we all have those apps that keep us up at night or have us checking our phones throughout the day. Here are our confessions.


The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone. Just because I went to sleep, doesn’t mean that the rest of the world did. Who knows what could have happened overnight? How many likes did my Instagram photo get overnight? Or what earth-shattering information did I miss?!

Just kidding. It’s actually my form of waking up. My alarm can go off 100 times, but that is 100 times I can hit the snooze button. In order to wake up and stay awake, I check social media, emails and maybe play a game or two of Candy Crush to start the day.

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They say that the first step is to admit. Well folks, I Michelle Leng, am addicted to my smartphone. I take it everywhere with me… yes everywhere. When I don’t have my phone I go through various symptoms of withdrawal… the frantic pat down… the “phantom-vibrate”… the “stare down at my empty hands as opposed to looking anyone in the eye.” You could easily say I suffer from Nomophobia (it’s real – look it up). As a millennial, I didn’t grow up with a phone like the new kids these days. I had my first flip phone in grade 12 and then made the switch to Blackberry. Quickly after that, I became the owner of an iPhone 5.

I’ve only ever had 3 cellphones in my entire life, which is why I think I am so obsessed with having it on my person at all time. I find myself opening and reopening apps in the matter of minutes. It’s almost as if I had forgotten that had I spent the last hour browsing Instagram, that the second I close the app my finger is programmed to reopen it 5 seconds later in case I may have missed a new post. When I am not sleeping, I’m scrolling, texting, double-tapping, and pinning. I can go hours without having a real conversation with a single human being. Since I started writing this post (about 7 minutes ago) I have checked my phone 8 times…that, my friends, is the definition of a smartphone addiction.


Confession: I neglect my smartphone.

As you know, Candybox makes the web sweet. My job is to ensure all your digital campaigns are running as smoothly as possible while bringing in awesome conversions. As I am online all day, I find that I neglect my own social media/smartphone. There are even some days I realize I haven’t even turned my phone on besides to make a call. By the end of the day I like to disconnect. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my phone and I will have a stage 4 melt down in a parking lot if I thought I lost it; but during the week I enjoy my time offline.


‘ll admit it publicly; I’m bad, but I’m getting better.

I estimate that I check my phone around 100 times per day, which is probably 90 times too much. I won’t bore you with all of the reasons why I check my phone, but I am on a mission to reduce unnecessary phone watching in the following three ways:
1. Leave it in my home office. If it’s not in my pocket, I don’t have the urge to check it, or respond to a notification. It’s in my office during dinner, bath and bed time, so that my attention is not split when i’m spending prime time with my kiddos.
2. I made it a phone again – Do you remember when phones only rang when someone is calling? Those were the days. I recently went through all of my settings and turned off (most) notifications that would make any sound or vibration. I still check my phone enough on a daily basis to keep on top of things, but it’s been amazing having an actual phone again.
3. Watching people on their phones – This may seem creepy, but every once in a while I watch my friends screens while they are using their phones. I watch people spend a ton of time doing absolutely nothing. Flipping back and forth on different apps, checking for emails when there are none, refreshing their Instagram feeds that don’t have any new images in the past 30 seconds. After watching people waste all this time, I realize that I must be doing the same thing.


When this topic was first introduced, I struggled with what to write about. Like many millennials, I use my phone for pretty much everything, and have completely left behind the world of cordless phones and land lines. I, however, cannot connect with the phrase, “my phone is my life.” The epiphany came while travelling home for the May 24 long weekend.  I am addicted to my phone when I am travelling. Whether I am exploring by foot, by car or by train, I use my phone to keep an eye on schedules and timing, and have even activated my GPS to direct me as I walk along the streets of an unfamiliar city. Of course, travelling is not exactly exhilarating, so I resort to a few apps to help me get through the journey. Facebook, Spotify, Netflix and Wheel of Fortune (yes I am a word nerd), help the hours pass by quickly. Of course texting and calling are a must, but when it comes to travelling, I need my apps to help me pass the time.

Smartphones are changing the way we communicate with the world, on both a personal and a business level. How have smartphones impacted you? Share your confessions with us, or check out our blog on how other millennials use their smartphones; Millennials & Technology. The Cold Hard Facts.
Stay awesome!