Confessions of Multi-Tabbers

At Candybox Marketing we are constantly “googling” and working on projects, so much so that we will use any program or tips and tricks that we can to stay organized. What makes our team awesome is that we are all so different, and so are our views regarding tabs! Some of us are multi-tabbers and  some of us aren’t but we always find a sweet way to stay organized and get the job done.

Michelle: “Who said having too many tabs was a bad thing?”


Multiple tabs are the epitome to a perfect day’s work for me. On a good day I have about 3-4 separate windows open with over 15 tabs on each. Now you might be wondering how on earth I keep track of all those? Well yes, I will admit I do spend a large part of my day opening and closing windows trying to find the right one…BUT once I do find it, all the information I spent hours researching is at my fingertips. I don’t have to re-google (yes “google” is a verb) things or bookmark every page, I can just find the last tab I was working on and keep going! TABS ARE THE BEST!!


Kristina: I have multi-tab anxiety.
tabs cat

I cannot have more than 10 tabs open at a time. I like to be able to see a portion of the description of the different pages that I have open. If there are more than that open I get anxious and quickly evaluate what I need open and what I don’t. 


Screenshot 2016-02-12 14.30.02
It’s bad, but it feels so good. I can’t live without my tabs, and whenever someone goes to use my laptop, I’ll always tell them to leave them all open, I NEED ALL OF THEM.
Tabs are the way that I manage life, tasks, and things that I need to finish. If those tabs close, I may forget to do something really important and never come back to it. I did a quick audit of my current tabs, and here’s a glimpse into my life:

Window 1
– 23 tabs including my most important tabs (email / calendar / basecamp) and a variety of things I am working on.

Window 2
– 6 tabs which focus on an online course that I’ve been meaning to finish (going on 4 weeks now). Yes I am going to return to this some time soon.

Window 3
– 17 tabs focused on research for a new venture I am looking at launching in the fall. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

That’s it, just three windows, and 46 tabs in total. Not that bad!


Heather: A multi-tabber  on a need to know basis

Unlike several of my fellow team members, I have never been a big multi-tabber.  Even in school I would save important URL’s in Bookmarks rather than create a tab because I was always afraid that I would close/ shutdown my computer and lose it all! It wasn’t until I started at Candybox that I became a fan of tabs, but even now I am very picky on what site makes the cut.  If I have more than six open, it is probably because I have a lot of resources to sift through to complete a large project, or that I need some epic playlists from Spotify or 8tracks to get my creativity flowing.

Letting anyone see my hand writing, or witness me when I am truly on a writing roll would be a true confession. Thank goodness for good music and word documents.


MC: As I am typing this, I took a look back at my browser and counted 9 tabs open at the same time. This might be my new record low!
Multi Tabbing Photo

Your browser is a digital world that allows you to get things done, stay motivated, and be in the know. While trying to do all three at the same time, I usually find myself overwhelmed by the multiple tabs that I have open on any given hour. These tabs usually include:

  • Calendar: to constantly remind myself what the day has in store for me.
  • Email: to stay on top of communication. If I don’t receive at least one email every hour, I automatically assume that the world has ended.
  • Gantt Chart: to stay organized an ensure that everything is moving as scheduled. This is a project manager’s heart beat!
  • YouTube: to play my favourite tunes, zone out and miss my favourite part, replay song (and repeat another 20 times!).
  • Facebook / Twitter: because I wouldn’t live up to the millennial stereotype without it.
Ryan: Using too many tabs causes me a lot of problems.

Tabs cause a lot of problems for me;

  • I regularly have to hide every window on my Mac to find the one tab I need
  • I find 2 browser windows open at once with the exact same group of tabs
  • I write emails twice because I forget I had a draft going in another window
  • I overwrite website changes because I am editing a page in 2 different tabs
  • I usually have my email open in 3+ tabs simultaneously throughout the day
Julia: Sometimes I forget what I am doing. 
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 2.39.10 PM

I generally have 6-10 tabs open on my browser at all times. It makes it more convenient for me to find the information I need instead of having to open a new tab every time. However, this lead to issues where am going from tab to tab aimlessly trying to remember what I was looking for. I will find myself staring at the google homepage wondering what I am doing here. There are times I remember quickly, and other times I think I am suffering from memory loss.

So there you have it. Are you a proud multi-tabber? Let us know!