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CandyByte (November 2019)

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Our CEO, Darrell, often reminds us: “every year, let’s try something big that we have never done before.” You’d think after 11 years this would start feeling like mission impossible.

Our response? “Let’s host a big marketing conference.

A few months later, we hosted our first big digital marketing conference!

Here is a recap of the month:

Candybox Social

On November 28th, our team kicked off our inaugural Candybox Social, a conference dedicated to bringing all attendees up to speed on the latest digital marketing trends. We took pride in sharing practical steps that would help our guests capitalize on these opportunities.

Click here to view the video highlights!

I wish I could say it was easy, but the truth is that our team spent months ironing out every little detail of this event, including the choice of venue, the lineup of speakers, organized agenda, branded decorations, delicious treats, and much more! In other words, we wanted this to be perfect.

Needless to say, it was worth it!

I have witnessed the Candybox team engage in many epic collaborations but I have never seen the team come together as I did on this day:

  • Darrell, our CEO, kicked off the event with an opening keynote presentation about three key trends that most businesses are not taking advantage of. He showed the audience how they can capitalize on these opportunities and gifted every single attendee with a copy of his newest book, Pick Up Your Freakin’ Phone.
  • Julia, our Senior Campaign Manager, dove into the different ways your customers navigate through a website, while hilariously comparing it with guiding a drunk through a wild night.
  • I had the pleasure of being the closing speaker of the conference by connecting my passion for branding with my love of the Toronto Raptors!
  • Shout out to Campaign Manager, Jim, for rocking as the host and MC of the event!

This sold-out event also consisted of delicious food, colourful decorations, fun conversations, and a lot (A LOT) of sugary goods. Hey, we wouldn’t be Candybox if we didn’t have candy!

Since wrapping up this glorious Candybox Social, we received incredible feedback about all the value that our attendees received from this conference!

On behalf of the Candybox Team, a HUGE thank you to everyone that participated in our conference through live attendance or digital interactions. We can’t wait to do it all over again and hope you can join us in next year’s conference!
Candybox Gives Back
I have the honour of working with incredible, talented, passionate peers every single day, and a lot of this passion comes back to supporting our community.
Our team visited our local Mississauga Food Bank to help them sort food for the busy season.

Throughout the day, the Candyboxers put their teamwork skills to good use and managed to sort 5,381lb of food. This is the equivalent of 5,792 meals!
Thank you to The Mississauga Food Bank for giving us this opportunity and to my fellow team members for believing that Candybox is bigger than just Marketing.

Here is what you can expect in the next piece of CandyByte:

  • Our preparation for the Year 2020
  • Our team gets festive for our Christmas Party
  • Our intern shares more about his Candybox experience.

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Happy December!