CandyByte (August 2019)

CandyByte is a monthly post that gives you a taste of the Candybox #AgencyLife. From success stories to day-to-day shenanigans, satisfy your digital cravings here.

“Birthdays are nature’s way of telling you to eat more cake.”

Well, friends, I assure you that this quote was not ignored during the month of August. It’s Candybox’s Birthday!

Here is a recap of the month:

Candybox Turns 11!

The Candyboxers got together to celebrate this milestone at our CEO’s home (thanks Darrell!). The festivities consisted of delicious barbeque, homemade dips, boardgames that end friendships… oh yea, and cake!

PS –  Someone told me that calories don’t count on birthdays.

PSS – I am no longer friends with this person on Facebook.

After great conversations and hilarious moments, Darrell walked us through memory lane and shared many exciting things that we will be doing in the coming years. I can’t wait to share these with you in future CandyBytes!

Here is to many more sweet years!

Instagram Takeovers

‘Collaboration’ is one of the most frequent words used in our studio, and even more frequently executed!

Our followers on Instagram got to taste one of these collaborations on Instagram, as our team members would take over our Candybox account each week to show you a day in their lives, using Instagram Stories.

Campaign Managers shared the creation of awesome online ads, Content Team shared a social media workshop that they conducted in our studio, Developers shared a new website coming to life, even I shared brand meetings in action. Then… we had Joel, our Video Production Manager.

“The pressure is on!” Joel joked. Well, at least I thought he was joking.

Here is a collection of Joel’s Instagram Stories during his Takeover Week:

Seriously, somebody call Netflix.

Check out the next IG Takeover on our Instagram Account.

Social Media Workshop

Our team is passionate about helping businesses win in this wild world of web, and often that involves teaching them how to capitalize on the social media opportunity.

Enter, stage-left: Monthly Social Media Workshops.

Heather and Salma (our Content Managers) invited business owners and marketing managers to spend a full day in our Mississauga studio to do a deep dive on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other hot tools!

If the incredible strategies didn’t fill their appetite, we also treated them all to delicious lunch!

The Content Team has been generous enough to host this monthly workshop over the next three months. We’d love to have you there!

Here is what you can expect in the next piece of CandyByte:

  • Candybox enters Award Season
  • Our Developers attend a conference
  • Results from one of our video projects

Want to see how the month unfolds in real-time? Check us out on Instagram!

Happy September!