6 DIY Tips to Elevate Your Remote Home Video Recording

Remote home video recording may seem like a daunting task, especially if you aren’t equipped with professional recording equipment. But, not to worry, you are more than capable of shooting a high-quality video at home, and we have tips that will teach you how to record a video remotely and take your production to the next level!

Follow our 6 DIY tips to elevate your videos when recording remotely: 


1. Decide which recording device to use.

The best camera for video recording is anything you have available at home. We recommend using a smartphone to record your videos if you have enough storage capacity. Smartphones purchased within the last five years will be your most valuable asset when remote video recording.

Pro Tip: Use the back-facing camera on your smartphone to record, it takes much higher quality videos than the front-facing camera, PLUS it’ll keep you from looking at yourself on the screen instead of where your eyes should be, in the lens, where your audience is! Always make sure your phone is in do not disturb mode before recording as phone calls, emails, and texts can disrupt you! 


2. Find your angles and stick to them.

Avoid placing your camera down on a table and jumping right into recording. First, you want to be sure your eyeline is at the right angle. If your eyeline is too high or too low for the camera, your video can distract the viewer. The goal is to have your audience looking directly at you as if they were sitting across from you, making your video feel natural and conversational. 

Pro Tip: Try setting up your recording device, whether it’s a laptop, camera or phone, on a raised platform. An easy at-home option is to stack boxes or books beneath your device to match your eyeline. You are looking directly at the screen in this position, and you are less likely to bump your camera and compromise the audio quality accidentally. 

poor eyeline good eyeline

3. Choose a quiet place to record

Your remote home recording is not complete without clear audio, and you should take the time to ensure that it is free of background noise. Having a noisy background in your audio gives your video an amateur feel and will be distracting to your viewers. Even if you are recording without an expensive microphone, a crisp, quiet background will make your audio sound high-quality. 

Pro Tip: Avoid recording with headphones as they can yield unwanted noise. As long as you’re speaking clearly in a quiet space, your audio will be picked up! 


4. Record in a well-lit room 

Next to audio is the importance of light for video recording – lousy lighting will ruin your video! You want your message to come across to your audience as clear and straightforward as possible, and that starts with the quality of your lighting. 

Pro Tip: Natural lighting is best, but you can always use a lamp to boost your lighting if you don’t have any in your recording space. Choose the brightest well-lit area in your home or office to record in, and figure out the time of day when the lighting is best! If possible, avoid filming in front of a window, as the camera will silhouette you, compromising your lighting.


5. Dress to impress

No matter where you’re filming your video, you should always dress to impress! Keep your clothing choices simple and opt for solid neutral colours. Stay away from wearing black and white, stripes or printed clothing and keep your jewellery to a minimum. The goal is to keep your audience focused on you and eliminate any possible distractions. 

Pro Tip: Choose solid neutral colours like red, blue, green, yellow, brown and purple as they are ideal to complement most backgrounds.


6. Do a test run 

Always do a test run before recording your video – always! There is truly nothing worse than recording an entire video just to realize your angles were off, your audio was too low, or your lighting was too dark. Avoid making this mistake by doing a quick test run before jumping into your video recording.

Pro Tip: Record for at least a minute or two to ensure your angles are right, your audio sounds great, and the lighting is hitting you just right!


Elevate Your Home Video Recording Today!

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