5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories you tell

Pictures are for the old days. In the new generation of the internet, Video Content is catching all the buzz.

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs video marketing.

1. Wider Audience: According to a Wyzowl marketing study, 63% of American businesses were using video content as a tool in their marketing arsenal. That number rose to 81% in 2018 and to 87% in 2019. This upwards trend of businesses branching out into video marketing is a clear indicator of how audiences are responding to modern marketing. More and more content is now in some kind of motion picture format, whether it’s video, gaming, social media or just regular television and businesses across industries have realized the potential for harnessing the audience’s attention to further spread their brand’s message through creating video content for various platforms.

2. Communicate More Clearly: Remember the old adage, ‘A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words? Well, a video is anywhere from 24 to 60 pictures a second. Imagine just how much information a business can share with its core audience on videos as short as 30 seconds. From the tone of the speech to the mood of the videography and music to the imagery you choose to present from behind the scenes and the personalities of the people who appear in the video – this presents a chance for many businesses to effectively communicate their company’s concepts, culture and unique selling points.

3. Create Personal Connection With Audience: A by-product of communicating effectively is that the audience watching these videos will feel a much stronger connection to your company and the people who work in it because of how the videos choose to portray them. Having seen multiple videos of the same people either speaking directly to the camera or seeing them behind the scenes performing tasks in collaboration with others makes them more than just employees in the minds of the viewer. They become real human people. Customers are exponentially more likely to do business with people they know. So the goal of video marketing is to ensure that when you walk into a room, the client says “I feel like I already know you”.

4. Solve Problems Faster: The faster you can provide accurate solutions to a problem, the more successful your company will become. With video, your business can provide quick and accurate answers to frequently asked questions from your client. For example, if you run a hardware store, you can have a series of short videos explaining how to safely use the equipment you sell and provide solutions to some of the common problems that people run into when using them. This builds an enormous amount of trust with the audience who start seeing you as the expert.

5. Build Credibility: Because you are able to provide fast solutions to common problems in the industry you serve and because you have built a reputation with your clients, your company will be able to achieve a certain level of credibility in the marketplace. It is important that your clients see you as leading industry experts and the best way to do that is to present them with consistently high-quality video content. They don’t necessarily have to be long-form videos, but they must represent the company’s values, its personality and how it plans of engaging with its audiences

These are 5 helpful reasons to consider video content when planning your next marketing strategy.

If you’d like to learn more about video marketing and how to unlock the true potential of your audience’s attention through videos, contact the team at Candybox Marketing and see how we can help make your marketing even sweeter!