5 Reasons Why Hiring A Copywriter Can Be A Game Changer

As a professional copywriter, I seriously can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked the same exact questions when I meet new people and tell them about my profession: 

So you’re a copywriter, right? What is it that you do exactly? 

First of all, no, copywriting has nothing to do with copyrights. And, yes, it contributes an essential part to a business’s success. While the profession is still a fairly new and confusing concept to many, the amount of copywriting work you get to see every day will leave you in awe. From billboard catchphrases, magazine advertisements, and commercial slogans, to the colourful feeds you see on major social platforms, copywriters craft every single word. 

How is a content writer different from a copywriter?

The main difference between a copywriter and a content writer lies mostly in the length of the written content; the former produces more short-form, persuasive copy, including ads, slogans, taglines and landing pages, while the latter focuses more on drafting longer, informative content such as articles, blogs, emails newsletters and e-books. 

Why should I hire a professional, full-time copywriter instead of someone who writes perfect English?

There’s no doubt that the ability to write professionally without any grammar hiccups is a prerequisite for being a copywriting expert, but it is by no means the only requirement. Read along to see the 5 reasons why hiring a copywriting professional can help your business reach new heights:

1. Versatile content creation skills

Copywriters are witches and wizards who’re incredibly skilled at using languages. They are not only capable of turning the dullest content into something exciting and convincing, but they also possess the power to transform the same content and repackage it into various genres and forms.

Similar to the way a pastry chef can cook up different recipes using the same ingredients and have every dish turn out exquisitely delicious, a copywriter can take in the essence of something and recreate it in forms such as a blog, a newsletter, a landing page, a video script, a profile bio, and so much more.

2. Maintain a consistent brand voice to reach the right audiences

Equipped with unparalleled skills to tell a story and play with languages, copywriters also make some of the best brand narrators in the industry. Their distinctive ability to quickly adapt to changes and turn into various tones of voice is what allows them to help your company reach the right audiences and connect with them on an emotional level. 

If you’re doubtful about how an emotional message could help grow your business, think again! Research shows that emotionally charged events are more likely to leave a lasting impression on people, meaning that your brand will stick in your customers’ minds better thanks to the emotional impact you’ve left on them. A study also shows that 31% of ads with an emotional touch to them were more successful in encouraging a purchase, as opposed to the 16% of ads which were more product-driven. 

3. Keep up with a level of professionalism and creativity 

Let’s face it: regardless of how amazingly diverse your products and services are, one day, you’ll run out of creative ideas to promote them in a fascinating way that will consistently amaze your audience and urge them to take actions. That’s when a copywriter can come in and offer a helping hand! 

Not only do they have a bank of vivid vocabulary and expressions which they use to describe your business, but they also excel at coming up with novel perspectives in which your products can be presented. Remember this: being fluent in a language doesn’t necessarily make you creative, and vice versa; however, a professional copywriter is fully capable of both!

4. Build credibility for your business & Bring in more sales 

Let’s imagine for a second you’re back in your university or college days, reading one of the excerpts assigned by your professors. Halfway through, you couldn’t help but notice a number of grammar hiccups here and there. What’d you do? Well, you’d most likely keep reading just to get it over with but with much less attention since you’d just realized how unprofessionally written it was. The same goes for any content you put out that’s not been filtered by a professional copywriter.

Publishing copy or content that’s not yet been proofread and reviewed will be doing your business a serious disservice. If your company has been consistent in terms of putting out content that’s not only well-written and informative but also enjoyable to the readers, it won’t be long until you see all the stats going up due to your gradually increasing credibility. 

5. Drive website traffic with better SEO knowledge 

So you might be wondering, can a best-selling author take up the role of a copywriter then? They are certainly creative language experts and can approach a subject matter from a distinctive angle. However, that still doesn’t make them capable copywriters since they still lack expertise in something particularly important in the digital marketing world – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

This process has become such a critical component of the digital landscape that both copywriters and content writers now require a demonstrated level of knowledge of it in order to help their clients succeed, whether it is to drive more organic traffic to their existing websites or make their sites rank higher on Google to bring in more sales. 

Looking to hire an experienced, dedicated copywriter to drive further success for your company? 

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