1 Year of Snapchatting

Aside from our actual relationships, this is the most dedicated relationship we’ve ever been in. 365 days straight of Snapchatting. 

What’s the point of this blog?

There is none. If you thought this was going to be a serious blog, you should stop reading now. But if you want to see some of the hilarious truths behind what it takes to have a 1-year streak, keep reading.

Milestones we reached in a year

  • Kristina’s house going from foundation to a stake in the ground, to walls of a house
  • Julia’s first Jays game
  • Dates nights (with our actual significant others)
  • Julia’s bridal showers, bachelorette & wedding, Honeymoon/driving across the country
  • Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, family events
  • Snapping through a 200km+ bike ride from Toronto to Niagara
  • Cat pictures…cause obviously
  • Lunches, because #food
  • New office space for Candybox

What it takes to get to a 365-day streak

  • Snapping pictures of each other while we are in the same room to not ruin the streak
  • Pictures of keyboards for those days even a filter can’t fix our faces
  • Texting each other to “SNAP ME”
  • The uglier the snap, the closer the friendship
  • No matter the hour, no matter where we were, get that snap in…even on your wedding day
  • Having 1 conversation on Snapchat and a totally different conversation on text

What did we learn?

  • …Snapchat is great
  • It brought us closer together. We get little clips of each other’s nights every night – manicures, rock climbing, dinner making, etc
  • Our significant others adapted really quick “you should snap this” “did you snap this?”
  • Snapchat became our new daily app, we went on Snapchat before any other app

We started on this journey before…

  • Groups were available
  • Rear camera filters were added
  • Bitmoji was acquired by Snapchat
  • Memories were added


Will we continue?

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, and we are 17 times that. It’s now a daily necessity. We couldn’t stop if we wanted to. #CantStopWontStop. Also a women in Sweden holds the longest streak of 900 days, almost 2 and a half years, could be cool to make a leaderboard, just saying.