Canada Digital Adoption Program

$15,000 of Government Funding for Your Business Technology Transformation

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Canada Digital Adoption Program with Candybox Marketing

The CDAP program is closed for applications, but if you have been previously approved for CDAP, Candybox is an approved provider. 

About Candybox

We’re a registered CDAP guide based in Oakville Ontario & Halifax Nova Scotia with 40 Digital Experts. Our company has been listed as one of the Top 500 Growing Companies In Canada (2018-2023) and Top 4 Places to Work in Canada [Great Place To Work Awards]. We know what it takes to grow a business with a solid digital plan. 

As your CDAP guide, we ensure that your business reaps all the sweet rewards of digital advisory services, helping small and mid-sized brands compete and flourish with digital transformation. Our team of digital experts will identify business areas ripe for new solutions, pinpoint key challenges, and build your data-driven roadmap to success.

Perks of Going Digital

The Canada Digital Adoption Program is your golden ticket to success in the digital marketplace. With Candybox Marketing as your CDAP guide, you’ll have a clear path to improving business processes and growth. Discover how Canadian businesses have savored the sweetness of digital transformation.

Canada Digital Adoption Process


Your digital evolution begins here. Our seasoned experts provide a seamless solution from initiation to execution. Our Certified Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) consultants will assist you develop your technology plan.

Business Evaluation

Upon approval of the grant, we will commence working on your Digital Adoption Program. Our approach commences with a thorough needs evaluation and current operational analysis. We assess your existing tech infrastructure and business procedures, pinpointing areas of enhancement as initial points in your journey toward successful digital metamorphosis and growth.


The Enhance Your Business Technology grant is merely the commencement of your Digital Adoption Plan. After this $15,000 grant furnishes you with a roadmap for digital adoption, you can apply for a $100,000 interest-free loan from the BDC for the first year, with subsequent installments over the next five years. Obtain the comprehensive financing required to adopt innovative digital technologies that optimize your business operations.


At Candybox Marketing, we’re more than your CDAP consultant. Building upon the blueprint we designed for you, we’ll collaborate with you to put it into effect and achieve significant outcomes. Generate a comprehensive digital metamorphosis solution with our range of digital marketing and sales services, and start conducting business in the digital economy.

How Can Candybox Marketing Assist Your Business

What’s the most significant hurdle your business is currently encountering? You require appropriate digital tools, platforms, and digitally-facilitated processes to compete in the market, cater to customers, and secure your brand’s future. Explore how our CDAP consultants can assist, from expert suggestions to successful digital adoption.

As your CDAP consultant, we’ll ensure that you’re eligible for the Enhance Your Business Technology grant based on the criteria.

Choosing Candybox

Your company can interview our CDAP team to ensure we are right for your digital adoption plan! 

Needs Evaluation

We’ll scrutinize every facet of business and the technology you utilize—or currently don’t—to identify areas for digital transformation.

Digital Adoption Blueprint

Candybox will provide you with a comprehensive blueprint for digital adoption, furnished with key strategies, milestones, and necessary tools to ensure success in the digital economy.


Determine if the Enhance Your Business Technology grant is suitable for you. Review the eligibility criteria for CDAP. Alternatively, consult with our CDAP digital consultants for more information.

Your business is provincially or federally incorporated. If you are a sole proprietor, you must be a Canadian resident to qualify.

Your business is privately-owned and operates for profit.

Your business has generated a revenue of $500,000 to $100 million in one of the past three years.

Your business employs 499 or fewer full-time equivalent employees.

The CDAP evaluation tool is designed to assist you in measuring your business’ digital maturity. Respond to a few questions and discover if you qualify for the Enhance Your Business Technology grant instantly.


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Ready to commence your digital transformation?

Candybox Marketing is here to assist. Our team of CDAP consultants has one mission: to help you obtain your CDAP funding and maximize its value. Get in touch with us today to initiate your digital adoption plan and discover more about our expert support.

“I put something that is so precious, so important, so special to us in your hands and I feel like it’s being taken care of.”

“Very responsive, incredibly detailed, and best of all you help to deliver actionable results for our franchisees!”

“You have some of the most creative ideas. Your focus is on the customer and ensuring the leads roll in.”

  • How do I access the CDAP’s $15,000 funding?

    The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) provides funding of up to $15,000. The government completed the application process on February 19th 2024 and is no longer accepting new business applications. This can be claimed as reimbursement for eligible expenses that your business incurs as part of its digital adoption initiatives. The Government of Canada will reimburse up to 90% of the eligible costs incurred for digital adoption, capped at a maximum of $15,000. Once your digital adoption plan is in place, delivered to you by your dedicated Candybox CDAP advisor, you can submit invoices for relevant expenses to claim the grant amount.

  • Who can qualify for the Canadian Digital Adoption Program?

    The Canadian Digital Adoption Program is available to a variety of businesses that meet specific requirements as outlined by the Government of Canada. To qualify, your business needs to be a provincially or federally incorporated entity, or in the case of a sole proprietorship, it needs to be owned by a Canadian resident. Additionally, your business must be privately-owned and for-profit. The size of your workforce should not exceed 499 employees. Finally, over the course of one of the past three years, your business should have generated gross revenue that falls in the range of $500,000 to $100 million.

  • Can Candybox Marketing help me answer the digital maturity assessment?

    Yes, we can! As a registered CDAP advisor, we understand how challenging it can be to complete components of the application such as the digital maturity assessment. We are here to provide more information on the assessment, answer any queries you may have, and help improve your understanding of what digital maturity means, so you can answer the assessment accurately and confidently.

  • Is my business eligible for CDAP if we joined a digital adoption program before?

    In case your business has previously participated in a digital adoption program through initiatives such as Programme Audit Industrie 4.0, Digital Boost 2.0, or the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency: Digital Acceleration Pilot within the past year, you will not be eligible for the $15,000 Canadian Digital Adoption Program. However, the $15,000 grant is not the only funding option available through the CDAP. If your business satisfies all other eligibility criteria, you may still apply for a $100,000 interest-free loan from the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).

  • Can I choose any company that offers digital services to work with on the CDAP?

    The Canada Digital Adoption Program operates a list of registered digital advisors. You should refer to the Digital Advisor Marketplace to locate approved CDAP advisors, a list that includes Candybox Marketing, among others.

  • Who will work with my business to develop a digital adoption plan?

    At Candybox Marketing, we have a team of experts who specialize in digital adoption and enablement. As your dedicated CDAP advisors, they will leverage their vast industry expertise and experience to help develop your digital adoption plan. You will have a dedicated account manager assigned to you as your primary point of contact, who will provide regular updates on progress made, milestones reached, and ensure that you are well positioned to implement your custom digital adoption plan.

  • How long does it take to develop my digital adoption plan?

    If your CDAP deadline is coming up, we can expedite your project quickly. Please contact us directly for more information.

    After you select Candybox as your CDAP advisor, we will start assisting you with your application and conducting an assessment of your needs. This will inform the development of your digital adoption plan. The process typically kicks off within a few weeks of signing your engagement contract with us. Our aim is to wrap up the process within two months of funding approval. Within this period, you will need to submit your digital adoption plan and relevant invoices to the federal government.

  • What can I expect from my digital adoption plan?

    Your digital adoption plan will be a comprehensive roadmap designed to identify current challenges in your business and opportunities for digital transformation. This roadmap will be tailored to meet your specific needs. It will come complete with expert recommendations, a detailed cost-benefit analysis of industry-standard tools and platforms, and a clear path to implementation through a sustained partnership with Candybox Marketing.

  • Can I use the grant to purchase new hardware and platforms?

    No, the Canadian Digital Adoption Program is designed specifically to provide funding for establishing the groundwork, which includes assessing your business’s digital maturity and developing your digital adoption plan in collaboration with a CDAP advisor. The eligible costs under this grant include advisory fees, associated charges, and applicable sales taxes. That being said, the BDC offers a $100,000 interest-free loan which you can use to implement your digital adoption plan. This could potentially include the purchase of new equipment.

  • Will Candybox Marketing implement my digital adoption plan?

    The Canadian Digital Adoption Program covers our services as a CDAP advisor. At the end of this engagement, we will provide you with an implementation-ready digital adoption plan. While our role as your CDAP advisor ends at this point, we are more than happy to continue our work with you, leveraging our deep understanding of your digital adoption needs to help implement your bespoke plan. You can choose to engage Candybox for further consultancy, marketing, and sales services to reach your digital adoption goals.

  • Can I also apply for the funded work placement program under CDAP?

    The funded work placement program under the CDAP offers a wage subsidy of $7,300 to businesses hiring a student or recent graduate to support their digital transformation and adoption initiatives. The eligibility criteria for this subsidy are the same as those for the Boost Your Business Technology CDAP track. We recommend applying for this subsidy once you’re ready to implement your digital adoption strategy, since the $15,000 funding already provides for expert advisory services.

  • Can Candybox Marketing help me apply for the Grow Your Business Online micro-grant?

    No, Candybox Marketing is a registered CDAP advisor for the Canadian Digital Adoption Program, and we specialize in supporting businesses through digital adoption strategies. The Grow Your Business Online micro-grant offers $2,400 in funding, but it has different eligibility requirements, and other e-commerce advisors may be more suited to offer support for this grant.

  • I have other companies where I am the owner/director. Can I use the same funding for them, or do I need to apply for multiple grants?

    Each Canadian Digital Adoption Program of $15,000 is intended for one business entity. If you own or direct multiple businesses that meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for a separate grant for each entity.

  • Candybox Marketing is known as a digital marketing agency. Does this report go beyond marketing?

    Yes, it does. As an agency that has been included in the Globe & Mail’s Top Growing Companies list for several years, and acknowledged as a Great Place To Work, we have a deep understanding of digital transformation within a business, not just in the marketing sphere.