Create a Brand Message That Converts

Two Day Branding Workshop

Make Your Brand Easy To Understand

We understand that articulating your company branding is not easy.

This is why our two day in-person workshop is facilitated by our award-winning marketers, authors, and brand storytellers, who are committed to helping you clarify your brand messaging.

Create a brand message that converts
You will leave with a powerful elevator pitch by the end of the two days.
Connect with your customers on a deeper level
You will produce impact stories that engages your target audience.
Align your team with your brand vision
You will inspire your employees with a clear brand message.

Your Brand Story Needs To Be Heard

We have helped over 800 brands articulate their brand message to connect with their customers and increase sales.


Day One

Anatomy of a high-converting brand message
Workshop: Define your ideal customer and the challenges that they are experiencing
Workshop: Identify why you are the right business to solve their challenges
Lunch Break (provided by us!)
Workshop: Illustrate how customer challenges can be solved with your products or services
Workshop: Review your brand's unique messages
Questions & Answers
Day 1 Concludes

Day Two

Case studies of high-converting brand stories
Workshop: Produce clear call-to-action statements to generate conversions
Workshop: Outline the outcomes for those who took action
Lunch Break (provided by us!)
Workshop: Draft your high-converting brand story
Workshop: Review your completed brand story
Questions & Answers
Workshop Concludes

In Just Two Days..

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1. Register for our branding workshop

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2. Learn from award-winning brand strategists

Follow our guided process to create key narratives that align with your brand.

3. Create a compelling brand story

Wrap up the two days with a fully completed story for your brand (with our coach’s guidance)!

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meet your workshop facilitators

Laura leverages her expertise to aid numerous business owners in uncovering their authentic brand identity and deepening their connection with their audience. In her off hours, Laura runs her own soy candle brand, North Aroma Co. Through this business, she has amassed a community of over 1,000 young women who share the common goal of finding joy in life’s simple pleasures.

Laura D.
Manager, Branding

Rita brings over six years of experience in building brands across different industries. She’s known for bringing brand stories to life across numerous digital assets.She is a creative storyteller at heart. She loves highlighting what makes each brand unique and finding the best way to share that story. With her keen eye for design, she can help create a strong brand identity that resonates. Rita also has built her own brand, sondr, a loungewear brand. Through sondr, she’s built a community of ambitious individuals who are all about learning and personal growth, while staying comfy.

Rita S.
Brand Specialist
1670 North Service Road East,
Suite 309, Oakville, ON
L6H 7G3
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
(Both Days)
$799.00 + tax

Need a private branding workshop for your team?

Candybox Marketing can facilitate a private branding workshop to help your team understand your company’s values, identify impactful brand stories, and align on a consistent message.

They explained many of the popular strategies in a very simple way and helped me get a better understanding of how my company could benefit from using them.”

“An excellent training workshop allowing growth in my knowledge on the subject!”

“I was so impressed with the day’s format and the information I was able to gather from the Candybox team. I loved every minute of it.”