Waste Solution Canada's smart approach

the challenge

Waste Solutions Canada is a Waste Management Company which uses AI-integrated smart sensors and proprietary technology to streamline waste & recycling management. Their primary differentiating factor is their “smart” approach to understanding customer waste & recycling needs at a deeper level through regular audits and AI sensors, instead of just picking up the waste. WSC wanted a custom website, SEO management and Video Content that better reflected their cutting-edge brand and their place in the future.

our process

step 1

Candybox first met with the client to have an extensive conversation about what it is they were looking for from the site. What their current challenges were and how the Candybox team could help overcome them. The client’s main concern was that they were unable to succinctly explain to the market how the company was different than the competition. We decided the best way to communicate their message was through a reimagining of their website and by producing video content.


step 2

Our developers quickly got to work by creating a custom WordPress website built for performance, keeping UX, and AODA in mind at all times. They first created an Information Architecture (IA) map providing a site structure, template list and content overview followed by design research. This allowed them to explore various choices until they found just the right fit for WSC. Prototypes were then created for each internal page to demonstrate to the client exactly how the website would function at launch.


step 3

Their previous website was originally built a few years prior and had the intent of being used for only a single location (Canada vs US). It lacked clear messaging, calls to action, and an effective, smooth user experience. They weren’t getting the leads they knew existed. To remedy this, the Candybox content marketing team curated the existing content and reworked it to better represent the brand’s voice and messaging. They were also careful to add in the right keywords which helped the flow of organic traffic to their website.


step 4

The video production aspect of the project was executed with the express aim of clearly communicating the voice and message of the brand to potential clients so they could see firsthand just how WSC is different from the competition. Our video team conferred with the client and decided to create short to medium-length videos which explained in simple terms the client’s role in the market and the technology that differentiates them from the competition.


the solution

Waste Solutions Canada’s new website has come a long way from the one they first came to Candybox with. It is an engaging and well-flowing website which allows any visitor a glance at the heart of WSC’s brand voice. The video content has also helped in communicating the brand’s message across a varied group of audiences which has led to a 158% increase in organic traffic and a 17% rise in sales conversions.

optimized for all experiences
front page of waste management website

proven results

increase from organic traffic
increase in conversion rate
increase in average session duration