Arranti's branding designed to inspire

the challenge

Arranti is a leader in packaging supply, print design and management. The emergence of new technology, materials and fads allowed Arranti to set new trends in the world of packaging design. They needed to position themselves as market leaders in their industry and showcase their expertise.

our process

step 1

Conduct a thorough brand analysis to uncover the voice, personality and, value proposition of Arranti. We revealed characteristics of the company to create a cohesive brand strategy we could use to represent Arranti in what they do and why they do it.

step 2

Create a mood board of design inspiration to reflect the history and creativity of Arranti. We chose colours that created a striking look when printed on their packaging and highlighted their innovation in the packaging industry. Their logo design features a tear apart, showcasing their patented technology.

step 3

Develop a full-service marketing strategy to establish Arranti as a market leader. The new branding supported a custom website design and video production to showcase Arranti as an optimistic and innovative brand.

the solution

We developed a stellar brand identity for Arranti that reflected their years of innovation and experience in the packaging industry. Through tactful design and thoughtful branding, we established Arranti as a solidified leader in their field.

merging branding with website design.

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