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Heather From Jun 9 2016
Confessions of Smartphone Users

The smartphone has come a long way since the first phone of its kind, (The IBM Simon) was released in 1994. What was […]

Candybox Marketing
Heather From Apr 18 2016
5 Things You NEED To Know About Social Media

Social media platforms come and go, but some manage to last for more than a few months aka. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest; (RIP […]

Candybox Marketing | Elon Musk
Darrell Keezer Apr 7 2016
325K People Bought Elon Musk, Not Tesla

It’s been under a week since Elon Musk announced the Tesla 3, and 325K people have put down a $1K deposit to […]

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Heather From Mar 22 2016
How We Stay Organized at Candybox!

Just the other day, we found ourselves sharing how we keep organized and stay on top of tasks. After discussing how we […]

Candybox Marketing | Snapchat
Kristina Waters Mar 21 2016
Snapchat – Has It Become The Next Big Marketing Tool?

Back in 2014 we wrote a blog regarding Snapchat, questioning if it is the “Next Big Marketing Tool”? Now we are going […]

Candybox Marketing | Sheridan College Talk
MC Mar 17 2016
How to Become a Memorable Public Speaker

Over the last 5 years, I had the opportunity to speak at many events and also listen to other incredible speakers. Through […]

Candybox Marketing | Millenial Technology Stats
Kristina Waters Mar 15 2016
Millennials & Technology. The Cold Hard Facts.

It’s no surprise, majority of millennials are technology ninjas. They are not afraid of embracing new devices, gadgets and whatever features come […]

Candybox Marketing | Co-op Week
MC Mar 14 2016
5 Tips for Keen Co-op Students

While reflecting on some past achievements, I found myself revisiting my co-op experience that resulted in a full time position at Candybox […]

Candybox Marketing
Heather From Feb 26 2016
12 Things I Have Learned from a Year at Candybox

This past week I celebrated my one year workaversary at Candybox. I have learned a lot over the past year, and what […]

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