Facebook Rolls Out New Reactions


Facebook has finally released a whole new way of “liking” posts, pictures and videos. Users can now be more expressive with their reactions with; “angry”, “sad”, “love”, “wow”, “haha” and the regular “like”.

By hovering over the “like” button users can now access the five new reactions when they are on any post, picture or video. These new reactions come after many designs, testing and Mark Zuckerberg finally realizing that not everything is “likeable”. Six is way better than one!

“Mark gathered a bunch of people in a room and was like, ‘hey we’ve been hearing this feedback from people for a really, really long time,’” recalled product design director at Facebook, Julie Zhuo.

With 90% of Facebook users accessing via their mobile devices, users needed a quick way to react to items in their feed. While there is the option to comment on news feed items, the reactions are a much faster way to respond. Next time a friend shares something that you feel awkward “liking” you now have five other ways you can react to it.

Of course it took some time to finally reach the final 6 reactions. According to Wired, Zhuo and her team looked at the most used stickers and one-word comments to build the reactions. These variations were tested with users and helped to bring Facebook to their final decision.


Can’t find where the new reactions are?

If you are on your mobile device, simply hold down the “like” button. A new menu containing the new faces will pop up, allowing you to choose your reaction.

If you are on your desktop, hover your mouse over the “like” button, move your cursor to the reaction you want to select and click.


Let us know what you think of the new reactions in the comments!