Back for More Candy

Our latest intern Tim, shares his experience of working with the Candybox team!


One work term is complete and another one has just begun. I did my first ever internship with Candybox Marketing in the winter, and I can confidently say that it was the coolest co-op ever. I learned amazing things and worked with awesome people. Now, I’m lucky enough to come back for more.


First Work Term


Back in the fall of last year, marketing-legend MC came to my classroom to talk about co-op opportunities and Candybox Marketing. Hearing about this company was fascinating. First of all the name; “Candybox Marketing!” How cool is that? Even though they do not work in the candy industry (despite the copious amounts of candy in the studio) I could tell right away that this company is fun and unlike any other. I’ll talk more about why Candybox is so great in a minute, but I’d like to share what I learned from my first work term here.

I was given these amazing tasks like scheduling social media posts, doing graphic work, editing videos, working on WordPress designs, and so much more. After one week I was an expert at Hootsuite. I was able to work in so many different areas and get a whole new range of skills and knowledge. I learned a lot of valuable information like how to improve my LinkedIn profile, how to analyze social media accounts and the demographics, and how to write blog posts effectively. Before this placement, content marketing was a new concept to me, but now I understand how important it is for businesses to embrace.

I was given a lot of responsibility in my first work term here, but that also gave me an opportunity to shine. I learned that in marketing there’s always room for endless creativity, and I was able to showcase my creativity skills as well as collaborate with other team members.



Back to school


After a few months on the job, I had to go back to school for the summer and put what I learned to the test. Completing one work term prepared me for whatever school threw my way. I remember we had a class about digital marketing where we’d write blogs, create business Facebook pages/other social media accounts, use Hootsuite for scheduling posts, etc. I was fortunate to have a ton of experience in these subjects, just from one semester at Candybox. Each project I was given I was able to fly through because this was all second-hand nature to me. The people that I worked with know the industry and they’re ahead of the game. Going back to school after this placement didn’t mean I had to learn new things, it meant I could apply the new concepts that I learned during my co-op.


The team


There’s something about this group and what they do that makes you excited to come into work each day. Each team member has so many strengths in so many different areas, so when they come together, they do amazing things. At Candybox everyone strives for greatness, which I’ve seen numerous times on the projects that they work on.

The team knows how to make work-life exciting. What other company would take their student to a round of Archery Dodgeball?



The environment of this job is amazing too. We don’t have an office like most companies, but rather a “creative studio” where we can come in whenever we want and get work done. There’s always positive energy in the studio, and we are always sharing good laughs and stories while we work.

Finally, I’m back and ready to learn more. Right away I was greeted with a warm welcome by everyone and am excited to be a part of the new projects we’re working on. Here’s to another great semester!