A Letter to Millennial Marketers

Dear Millennial Marketers, I have been reading your blog posts and private messages about how overwhelming it is to break into the world of Marketing. Allow me to put you at ease. There has never been a better time to be in the field of Marketing. Never ever!

Over the last few years, businesses that have been super successful through traditional marketing methods are aching to make their mark in the digital world. In order to complete this transition, they are investing in the expertise of digital natives. Yes, that’s you!

This major shift in our industry has opened up a huge opportunity for you. However, this also means that you need to sharpen your sword and stand out in the digital crowd. Here are two ways that you can rise above the noise.

Become aggressively curious

Instead of classifying yourself as the marketing ‘expert’, ‘guru’, or ‘ninja’, put in the work to become a thought leader. This requires staying curious and keeping up with the latest marketing trends. Stay up to date by regularly reading articles, watching keynotes, connecting with other thought leaders, and testing new ideas.

If you don’t have today’s top 10 apps downloaded on your phone, you aren’t curious enough.

If you don’t have today’s top 10 apps downloaded on your phone, you aren’t curious enough. When Farmville made its appearance in the app world, I found myself spending hours on it every day. Not because I had any interest in harvesting crops; I just had to figure out why on earth everyone was spending millions of dollars on fake farms. Being aggressively curious means to dissect other people’s success and find the winning ingredients.

Become an incredible storyteller

There are way too many people sharing the latest facts and stats, but very rarely do they remain memorable. If you have ever heard me speak at an event or read my book, you may have witnessed that my key messages are always tied in with a personal story. People don’t remember facts, they remember stories. Share your story with confidence and use it to build your personal brand.

Take action. Firstly, take a sigh of relief. You are in a good position. Now put this game plan into action and leave a dent in the digital universe!