Landing Page vs. Homepage: Know The Difference

June 18, 2018
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Suzanne Aranha is an enthusiastic Digital Marketer that specializes in social media content creation as well as strategic campaign planning. Be it writing or editing blogs, creating SEM ads or making social media sweet, she does it all!

Coming into my first internship and with very little knowledge on Digital Marketing, I definitely panicked a little when I was asked to create my first landing page on my very first week. It’s because I didn’t know what information needed to be within a landing page. At which point I turned to my loyal companion, Google, to find out what the difference was between a Homepage and a Landing Page. 

Sure enough, I found quite a few articles on Google but there was one on Unbounce that really caught my eye. It clearly highlighted the reasons why a landing page varied from a homepage, a difference that most people, like myself (as well as clients) don’t quite understand.  So what is the difference between the two?


A landing page is a web page that is created with a specific goal/campaign in mind. It doesn’t bombard users with all the details of a brand, but just a few key components and a link or two that would highlight particular products or services a business offers. A homepage, on the other hand, is the main gateway to a business as a whole where a user can click on different links to view a variety of products or services that are being sold. 

Most business owners find it hard to absorb, that less is more; but in the case of landing pages, less IS more. Let’s take the above examples of the two. Above we can see a landing page (on the left) has 1 link whereas a homepage (on the right) has 19 links. Focusing on one product/service that would result in the most conversions for a business is what a landing page does best. It keeps users from getting distracted and focuses their attention on engaging with your business by using:

  • Tidy visuals
  • Effective headline
  • Clear call to action
  • Highlighting important attributes of your offered product/service

It’s quite simple isn’t it? It actually is.  Understanding the difference between a landing page and a homepage is one of the first steps to creating successful campaigns that would appeal to the right customers for a business.




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