How Blue Jay Fever Has Swept the Country and Every Social Platform

October 14, 2016
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Blue Jays fans all over Canada are preparing for tonight’s game as Canada’s team faces off against the Cleveland Indians at 8:08pm. With Encarnacion’s walk-off home run, Estrada’s near perfect pitching game against the Texas Rangers and of course the Donaldson Dash, Blue Jays fans have had a lot to cheer about in this year’s post-season match-up’s.

A few years ago, the Blue Jays were nothing special. The ballpark was virtually empty for every game, but since they changed up their roster, Canadian’s have thrown their support behind this team. They are ranked first out of all 15 teams for attendance with an average of 41,878 fans packed into Roger’s stadium for each game. Fans are even traveling to games throughout the United States to show their support, thanks to’s deals and promos!

Now that the Blue Jays have progressed to the ALCS, all you can see is a sea of blue and the iconic Blue Jays logo. Coca-Cola has even recreated the 1993 Blue Jays commercial used to celebrate their winning the World Series! In a matter of moments, Coca-Cola’s fresh take on this commercial was shared with audiences across the country, mentioning key moments and plays that took place in the ballpark over the past year.

Social Media platforms have helped this team to gain a following that has been dominating every social platform. Canadian’s are known for being one of the most social countries in the world, and with Facebook and Instagram posts, tweets, YouTube and Facebook videos, we are declaring our love for this team every hour of every day!

Instagram accounts that are dedicated to the Blue Jays are popping up, sharing images, videos, and gifs from every game played this season. Facebook users can add a banner to their profile pictures to show their support, and Twitter has helped to spread the hashtag #ourmoment. Fans have even been able to gain a moment of glory on the jumbotron, by posting a picture of them at the ballpark and posting it on social media!

Adelle even created a stir of excitement when she sported a Blue Jays Jersey during her concert in Toronto.

The buzz has even caused businesses to let employees feed their Blue Jay fever. Viewing parties, casual dress codes and even inner-office web streamings of the games have allowed fans to follow the Jays on their road to victory. The Canadian Tire Corporation even closed all of their corporate offices in Toronto and Calgary to allow more than 5,000 workers to watch the Jays dominate the Texas Rangers in their most recent face-off. In Streetsville Mississauga we even took some time to show our support with the staff from the local Starbucks!

It is rare to see a brand make this much of an impact on almost every social media platform, and have such a huge effect on television ratings, flights, and the creation and sale of Blue Jays swag! When a brand generates excitement and gives people a reason to share, comment and create posts of their own, amazing things can happen.

Tonight fans will be tuning in to see what the Blue Jays have in store for the Cleveland Indians. I’m sure there will be some nail-biting moments, but with Canada behind them and the title of becoming the American League Champions in front of them, the Blue Jays will go out there and show them who’s boss.

This is #ourmoment. Let’s Go Blue Jays!



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